From egocentric to heart-based politics

While politicians in Britain and the US continue to squabble for personal and political power in a post-Brexit and/or Trump world, our attention (directed by the mainstream media) is drawn away from the most defining mass event of the coming decade. It’s an event that will provide the ultimate examination of our ‘art of civil administration’ (politics)—it is of course the many faceted issue of climate change. For those embarrassed by the current political pandemonium as this now scientifically undeniable issue begins to affect all life forms, take heart from the fact that we are at least witnessing the death throes of egocentric politics.

Brexit and the political tug-of-war in the US are continental sized mass events with underpinning psychospiritual messages that urge us to change egocentric forms of people management to more heart-based forms. The inability of British parliamentarians to decide on what to do about Brexit provides ample illustration of when a complex problem requires consideration at a higher level of consciousness than the one that created it—the ego-self’s reliance upon thought processing alone.

That next level of deliberation blends heart-based (intuitional) intelligences—compassion, cooperation, acceptance, forgiveness, and openness—with the logic and reason of the ego-self’s mind-based intellect. Deliberations that incorporate both intelligences generate far more creative choices.

Brexit flags

Discussions should have begun in the British parliament immediately after the referendum—thus giving ample time (2½ years) for a collaborative and cooperative coming together of all parties in reaching a multilateral decision. Only at the last-minute did Theresa May decide to sit down with Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders to practice the principle of cooperation rather than continue adherence to the pseudo-Darwinian premise that life (in this case that of the political party) is about the survival of the fittest.

As if to highlight the British government’s ignorance of heart-based intelligences is their recent handling of Shemima Begum, the British schoolchild who went to Syria to become a Jihadi bride. Following the (territorial) defeat of Isis, Shemima asked to return to the UK. The Home Office said that she could not, by stripping her of her British citizenship. The Home Secretary offered a logical (mind-based) reason for the decision that would play to the public’s fear of terrorism—that she posed a significant threat to the British public—to disguise internal conservative party fears—that allowing her to return would lose them the support of grassroots conservative voters.

Such decisions, that either utilize or succumb to fears, and are devoid of any heart-based natural principles,1 send exactly the kind of message that strengthens the misguided mentality of an extremist—that power is attained through subtly or overtly generating fear, rather than an open and conscious use of principles that are natural expressions of the spiritual power of Divine Love. Offering Shemima the hand of forgiveness and a compassionate rehabilitation program would benefit all concerned and help establish an evolved political mindset.

Forgiveness is about appreciating a seemingly negative event, a co-creation, for what it brings to both parties in terms of spiritual growth through physical learning.

How to be in Divine Love: 10½ Principles That Will Make You a Happy, Purposeful Person, p.32.

In New Zealand, where a single individual with the same pathological sense of powerlessness as the Isis extremists imagined that killing anyone of the Islamic faith would alleviate his own pathology, we had yet another demonstration that the extremist mindset (a mind separated from the spiritual power of Divine Love) still prevails and will continue to do so  as long as our institutions suppress personal power and the insidious core belief in the “survival of the fittest” remains locked in the human psyche.

Woman/Man head carvings in NZ

As Zac (channeled by Janet Treloar) reminds us, our shift in consciousness (the overriding mass event of our times) includes a reawakening to our personal power and the need for us to learn how to wield that power. Incidents like that in New Zealand, where people who are very community aware, “very heart aware,” show us that “shadow consciousness” can be found anywhere, even in New Zealand. People in the northern hemisphere should take heed of the heart-based approach to this traumatic event demonstrated by New Zealanders and learn from it.

Image by Peter Pruzina from Pixabay

It’s more than climate change, it’s Gaia changing

In David Wallace-Wells’s new book The Uninhabitable Earthabouthow climate change will affect us—he makes the point that, “we seem most comfortable adopting a learned posture of powerlessness,” when it comes to dealing with the matter. No guesses as to where this learned posture came from.

Dealing with extraordinarily complex issues like climate change, will require global communication (the advent of the world-wide web is no coincidence here) and cooperation across all nations as it is already affecting not just human beings, but all life on Earth and Gaia herself. Climate change is such an all-encompassing event precisely because it is time for our political leaders to be thinking about an all-peoples, all-expressions-of-consciousness-encompassing global system of government. While Brexit and the US political situation are reminding us to heartfully communicate across political divides so that we can best form a consensus view, climate change is asking us to do this quickly so that humanity can more easily formulate a global course of action on dealing with it.

In Charles Eisenstein’s book Climate: A New Story, he states that reductionist measurement approaches to manage complex systems is not always appropriate. “To deal with the environmental crisis, we have been seeking a change of mind when we really need a change of heart. We need to hold Nature sacred and we can’t scare ourselves into compassion.”

We must not be afraid to engage our heart-based intelligences.

And Thomas Hübl says, “Climate change is an invitation into a higher perspective. Rather than solving climate change, it’s more like we’re creating a different system in which the symptom of climate change is not appearing.”

Which means, climate change is an invitation to engage a different level of consciousness. A higher vibrational frequency where we can appreciate Gaia’s power of rejuvenation.

Brexit delay coincides with the next school strikes for climate action on April 12

Despite the now overwhelming evidence that climate change is affecting our physical environment, many influential people continue to be in denial. Others, like the Prix Liberté winner and Nobel Peace Prize nominated Greta Thunberg, can’t fathom the denial and thus champion “sacred activism”—non-violent forms of protest like the school strikes. Further strikes are planned for April 12 —I wonder if Brexiteers will strike too.

Unsurprisingly, UK politicians have condemned the strikes, advising students to focus on their education and allow the adults to get on with addressing climate change. If only this were the case, as Greta was at pains to point out at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos.

Madeline Grant, formerly of the Institute of Economic Affairs thinktank (note, think-tank, not heart-tank), now Assistant Comment Editor at The Daily Telegraph, when ‘commenting’ on Greta’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, asked the question: “Just how kind is it to shower praise on children who are fundamentally wrong?

Greta, unmoved (thankfully) by criticism, makes her own comments:

People keep asking me ‘What is the solution to the climate crisis?’ They expect me to know the answer. That is beyond absurd, as there are no ‘solutions’ within our current systems.
We need a whole new way of thinking. The political system that you [adults] have created is all about competition. You cheat when you can because all that matters is to win. That must come to an end.
We need to start cooperating and sharing the remaining resources of this planet in a fair way. We are just passing on the words of the science. Our only demand is that you start listening to it, and then start acting.

A metaphysical warning

Several mass events over the last few years indicate what climate change will bring. Higher temperatures will produce rising sea levels and affect food production globally. These two factors alone point to an unprecedented displacement of people around the world.

The escalation of ‘boat people’ in the Mediterranean and other parts of the world where people are desperate to escape their home lands—and the immigrant crisis in general—are but a prelude to the scale of the humanitarian crisis about to happen. The effects of cyclone Idai on the peoples of Eastern Africa is the latest ‘natural disaster’ to remind us of the dire need for governments to start planning and making choices on how to manage the traumatized and displaced people of a physically changing world. Elias (Mary Ennis) warns us:

And now it [climate change] is escalating to such a degree that it is important that individuals are paying attention to the types of choices that are being made now, because this is what will definitely influence what happens in your future. The planet itself is generating a direction that is generating choices. And in that, you aren’t making choices FOR the planet, but you are participating with it.

Private session, February 15, 2019.

Gaia is already making her choices and acting to change her physical expression to survive the debilitating injuries imposed on her by a civilization that is currently disconnected from nature. Gaia is changing with or without us. It’s time for us to make our choices.

Greenland coast

Climate change is happening more quickly than we thought, we must pay attention to it now or the number of traumatic events we experience will be greater. Theresa May was reported to have said that Greta Thunberg should get back to school. In fairness, we all need to get back to school—to learn about and appreciate our oneness with nature and Gaia.

Here is Greta’s acceptance speech at the Goldene Kamera Awards in Berlin:

“We live in a strange world, where children must sacrifice their own education in order to protest against the destruction of their future.”Here is my full speech at #goldenekamera in Berlin yesterday (without German dubbing).

Posted by Greta Thunberg on Sunday, March 31, 2019
The Goldene Kamera Awards Special Prize for Climate Protection

I end with this recent message from Elias on how the individual should approach the subject of climate change:

It is important that you recognize the significance and importance of the subject [climate change] because of who you interact with and who you know. Because you have a reach when connecting with other people. And as you do so, you incorporate some influence in relation to what directions [and choices] are being engaged—not by being an activist, but by simply engaging with each other in your present relationships, in your friendships, in your relationships with your family members, because you interact with individuals and then they interact with individuals also. And you can be instrumental in influencing in those capacities.

Practice reminding yourself several times a day while pausing and observing and absorbing everything around you, that it is part of you and that YOU created it all.

Private session, February 15, 2019.

We create our own reality, so let’s get on with creating one that we prefer.

HTBIDL cover

1 The Natural Principles are elaborated upon in my newly published booklet How to be in Divine Love: 10½ Principles That Will Make You a Happy, Purposeful Person. It’s a concise guide to the foremost spiritual principles that underpin how the driving force of Divine Love steers the creative process in nature.

Click here is for a free one sheet reminder of the 10 Natural Principles.

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