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There are two main reasons why you might wish to experience Past Life Regression (PLR). The first reason would be in order to resolve an issue of concern – for the experience to therefore be therapeutic in nature. The second reason would be on the basis of curiosity – for the experience to be investigative or exploratory. To appreciate fully the therapeutic value of PLR it is recommended that you read at least one or two of the books of Dr. Brian Weiss, the leading authority on the process and facilitator of literally thousands of therapeutic sessions. (A list of a few of his works is at the foot of the page.)

How can supposedly recalling past lives be therapeutic?

According to Dr. Brian Weiss,

… about 40% of my patients need to delve into other lifetimes to resolve their current life clinical problems.

This statement suggests that although three in five people with a clinical problem can be helped to overcome that problem using conventional medicinal procedures – that is, through allopathic medicine, surgery, or psychoanalysis of earlier “current life” experiences – as many as two in five people require a more “in-depth” psychological investigation in order to gain a more complete resolution.

Past Life Regression is a method that provides this in-depth investigation of an  individual’s “psyche” and the structuring of their “mind” (which are not the same thing).

Regression, in itself, brings the individual to a highly focused state of awareness, a mental state that has relaxed the constantly thinking, analytical, reasoning, “conscious-mind” of the “ego-self.” Your ego-self deals with waking reality. It provides protective behaviours for you to follow when the environment becomes threatening and it uses logic and reason, together with reference to current life experiences, for problem solving and planning. Regression quiets your ego-self’s procession of thoughts, thereby enabling your “inner self” (“soul” if you like) to provide your conscious-mind with some thoughts and ideas of its own.

Your ego-self faces the physical world.

Your ego-self faces the physical world.

Whereas your ego-self faces outwards onto the world of objective reality – towards the physical – your inner self is a face within your mind that looks inward to the subjective realities of your spiritual Self – towards the non-physical. Your inner self can also be thought of as your inner-ego, the portion of you that deals with all the phenomena that are not an obvious part of your waking reality, not the concern of your outer ego-self.

Your ego-self faces the physical world.

Your inner self faces the spiritual aspects of your being.

The inner self deals with that which we keep “below” our everyday conscious awareness – facets and elements of your Self maintained within the sub-conscious area within your mind.

In Regression Therapy, attention moves away from your ego-self’s concerns and focuses upon this subconscious area of your mind. This portion of your Self, amongst other things, contains a vast library of knowledge pertaining to your Self.

Your subconscious library.

Your subconscious library.

Information ranging from what you had for breakfast on this day five years ago, to how you normally behave when confronted with a spider, is stored on the shelves of your subconscious library. Furthermore, and importantly, the categorising of this comprehensive array of information is not done on a chronological basis (as the subconscious area operates “outside” of time, where time is truly relative), but with primary consideration given to the degree of energy the event or item “holds” within your mind.

Your inner self concerns itself with identifying energy configurations within your subconscious mind. This is because it is your inner self’s aim to keep you in your natural state of well-being. It will dutifully, and constantly attempt to bring to your awareness any imbalances or concentrations of energy that detract from this natural state. It does this through various subtle, and not so subtle means – “coincidental” occurrences, impulses to act, moments of inspiration, intuitive insight, feelings, messaging through emotions (subtle); or physical illness, emotional turmoil and mental breakdown (not so subtle). Regression is another route that allows your inner self to relay information of concern from your subconscious mind to your conscious awareness. Remarkably, when the individual becomes consciously aware of information that is associated with energy imbalances or concentrations within the mind, more often than not, a spontaneous therapeutic effect begins.

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Problems in childhood?

So for three in five people with a clinical problem, regression to childhood events within the current lifetime, perhaps as far back as the moment of birth, or even in uterus prior to birth, may provide enough information pertaining to energy complications within the mind. Recall of the events, awareness and understanding of the moments and issues that led to energy being subconsciously accrued begins the therapeutic process.

In “Past Life” Regression Therapy (PLRT), this same principle of making the conscious-mind aware of information within the subconscious library is followed. For two in five people with a clinical condition the information relevant to the condition does not appear to pertain to their current lifetime. Many thousands of PLRT sessions suggest that the breadth of knowledge within the subconscious stretches far beyond the details of the present life. If a reasonably deep level of hypnotic trance is achieved, a great deal of information can be forthcoming by guiding the individual beyond the current lifetime.

The recalled information takes varying formats, but on the whole it can usually be regarded as the synopsis of significant events pertaining to another life within the breadth of the entirety of the Self.

Many lives?

Many lives?

Of course, many would suggest that the information recalled is a process of the imagination, perhaps associated with hallucinations. Importantly though, whatever the explanation, the therapeutic effect is still maintained. Moreover, and quite frankly, if the method is of value to a healing process, then it really does not matter how the information is formulated.

What’s the point of exploring or investigating so-called past lives?

Discovering other lifetimes through regression does not have to be focused on therapy; it can be used to fully appreciate and understand the breadth of your entire Being – your “Whole Self.” That is, not just your narrow focus self that is currently embroiled within physical reality at the start of the 21st Century, but your whole Self – with a capital “S” – your “Essence Self” that encompasses your inner self, your overall Identity, your subconscious, your ego-self, your current personality and the numerous minds and other personalities that are facets of who you are in totality.

Regression is a means for exploring the expansive Self. You can embark upon a voyage of discovery that can bring you great confidence in your current self, a heightened sense of self-esteem, and a renewed integrity that can reverberate through the many selves that contribute to your Essence Self.

Page - Benefits of PLR - Contemplative baby faceIf you are at a stage in your life where the big questions such as, “What is my life’s purpose?”; “How can I help change the world?”; “How do I gain fulfilment from my life?”; or even the classic cliché, “What’s the meaning of life?” begin to actually concern you, then “Past Life” or “Other Lives” regression may well provide the answers to at least some of these existential conundrums.

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Reading one or two of the books provided by channelled information sources below can begin a process of “remembering” the entirety of who you are, why you are here (this lifetime around!) and what you came into physical existence to do.

Channelled information sources:

Jane Roberts: The Seth Material; Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul; The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book; Seth: Dreams and Projection of Consciousness.

John L. Payne: Omni Reveals the Four Principles of Creation.

Definitive guide on the “channeling” phenomenon:

Jon Klimo: Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources.

Books by Brian Weiss, M.D.:

Many Lives, Many Masters; Messages from the Masters; Through Time into Healing; Same Soul, Many Bodies.

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