Logo - 2 - segments and headsMother and 11-year-old daughter both benefit!

Sally* has done remarkably well since seeing you last, thank you. She is 100% more confident, and more relaxed, and has gained control over her worries to the point that we haven’t witnessed a panic attack about sickness or bugs since just after her last session with you. She has been around many children and family members that have had sick bugs without allowing the concern to run away with her. There is small worry still there but its not all-consuming and she seems to be able to put it into perspective.

In fact, at the weekend she was in a national competition and her team picked up the gold medal, however the bigger achievement for us was that one of the competitors had been ill on the floor and Sally had coped with it without panic. This was a real test. She coped with everyone making a fuss of it (which would usually have heightened her anxiety 10-fold) and just carried on as normal. She said she was a little bit worried, but I could see that she had it in control.

I didn’t think this would have been possible 2 months ago!

Also, as a fantastic ‘borrowed benefit,’ I have cleared depression using the EFT sheet you gave me. I had a consultation with my doctor in December, but I really didn’t want to take anti-depressants. I followed the routine you gave me about three times in one go, and haven’t looked back since. In fact, I seem to have an inner peace that I hardly recognise. I feel ‘normal’ but the normal feels new.

So thank you very much for your help. EFT is a wonderful tool. We have dubbed it ‘Happy Tapping.’ Sally is now going to teach her dad how to happy-tap in a bid to help him give up smoking…  (K.S., Hampshire.  *name changed.)

Logo - 2 - segments and headsPanic feelings taken away:

Dear Chris,

(My emotional blocks)… are basically centred around a lack of confidence in my abilities, and feelings of panic when ‘put on the spot.’

(After only one session)… I don’t seem to care anymore. I’m finding it very difficult to find any emotion attached to the incident of being put on the spot. It wasn’t important anymore.

(At the second session)… I’ve done EFT on a number of issues by myself and nothing much else concerns me! I’m really amazed at what’s happened. (G.U., Surrey.)

Logo - 2 - segments and headsCounselling for your Self helps bring a spiritual awakening:

Dear Chris,

Many thanks for last session, it was very informative. This knowledge I will take with me into the rest of my life and it will give me the strength to deal with certain situations within which I previously felt powerless.

It gives me a feeling now of balance and peace. (C.H., Berkshire.)

Logo - 2 - segments and headsFear of flying released:

Hello Chris,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply about how my flight went when I went to Kavos.  I was a bit nervous the morning of the flight but I did my tapping and it really calmed me down and the flight was OK as was the return journey. Thanks for your help. (M.P., Berkshire.)

Logo - 2 - segments and headsExamination anxiety and self-esteem:

Hi Chris,

Just to let you know that the weekend and more to the point the client session on Sunday went really, really well. I felt much more relaxed and less anxious, my supervisor this time was the main lecturer and he had a very calming effect and was very constructive with his help.

(After a subsequent session focusing on self-esteem issues):

Firstly, I would just like to say how much better I have felt in the week since seeing you. I found the session very interesting and have been practicing daily, in fact quite a few people have said I seem a lot more cheerful this week. (J. C-Y., Berkshire.)

Logo - 2 - segments and headsPersistent intrusive thoughts cleared:

Hi Chris,

I know you haven’t heard from me for a while but I guess that has been a good sign that I have been showing a lot of improvement. Yes, I have been doing really well and feeling much more like my old self the last couple of months. Anyway, I have had a few hazy patches where I haven’t felt good but with the EFT they have only lasted a couple of days and managed to get over them pretty quick.

Last Sunday I started feeling anxious around Mum and Dad and I haven’t been able to get rid of these anxious feelings. I have been doing EFT every day this week but the anxious feelings and thoughts do not seem to be subsiding, only getting worse. I’m a nervous wreck by the time I go home from work. Nothing seems to be working very well.

(After remedial suggestions by email):

Thank you for your email last Saturday. I spent last week going through the protocol sequence you had told me to do in your email. It definitely seems to have helped.  I have been much better throughout the week and the anxiety went, most of the thoughts running round in my head subsided too and I felt as though I could ignore and deal with the ones that did arise.

(Apart from this interlude)… Generally I have been much better over the last couple of months. I have been much more confident with myself and lots of people have mentioned they have noticed quite a big change in me. I don’t know why these thoughts have cropped up and hope it’s only a small hiccup along the way to my recovery. (A.C., Berkshire.)

Logo - 2 - segments and headsRelieving an anxiety attack:

Hi Chris,

I wonder if you can help me. I am feeling very anxious and down at the moment. I am shaking as I write this. I would phone you but I have lost my voice because of a bug I caught. I have tapped four times now for anxiety and I am still feeling anxious. I have got a lot of things on my mind at the moment and I am worrying about them.

(After email suggestions for immediate remedial action):

Thank you so much for responding to my email. I had by then taken half a diazepam. I did the tapping as you suggested and felt a lot better – I felt calmer which was wonderful.

(Email received the following morning):

I have woken up this morning in the depth of despair. I have been through the protocol 4 times, but it doesn’t seem to be doing what it did yesterday.

(After one-to-one session the following day):

All good things to report except for the fact that I have lost my voice again this weekend. As for the tapping, it is like a miracle I got up on Wednesday morning after having tapped to not have anxiety in the morning on Tuesday night after seeing you and I did not have it. There was an uncomfortable anxiety-like feeling and then I tapped for this and that went too. I have tapped every night since for (no) anxiety in the morning and it has worked. I have also tapped the comprehensive protocol at least once a day and this lifts me up. Thank you again. (Y.P., Berkshire.)

Logo - 2 - segments and heads“Psychological reversals” cleared and spiritual growth achieved:

Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for introducing me to criteria related reversals and their treatment by the means of the information sheet you gave me on Thursday. I have spent several hours using them since and I feel delighted and thrilled with them. I have found them useful in several particular respects so far. The first use is in connection with setting wants, goals and intentions. Rarely have I allowed myself to do that consciously until now, because the thought of doing it has always been accompanied by the fear of self-sabotage. Now I use the reversals to dispel any fears as I set the intentions, so I am free to set wants, goals and intentions consciously, instead of putting up with what I automatically set unconsciously.

As a result of using EFT I have moved from resisting my feelings to welcoming them and the messages they bring. No longer is the world a place where sometimes ‘things go my way’ and sometimes they don’t and ‘these things are sent to try us.’

This is what I call elegant, effective and powerful living. The reason I became interested in metaphysics etc., was that the tools I was using to live with weren’t working and were, in fact, undeniably useless. I needed new tools to live in a new way. Now I have those, thanks to your guidance in the use of EFT. (N.H., Hampshire.)

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