I provide complementary health services that help you re-establish your well-being, no matter whether your current “challenge” is psychological, emotional, or physical in nature. I can assist you in exploring your spiritual aspirations, your reasons for being, and the breadth of your Self – should you be inspired to do so.

Established 2001

My therapeutic methods do not involve drugs, invasive instruments, complicated exercises, or many costly sessions of psychological analysis. It is an integral, holistic approach to healing – which means that the most effective procedures from varying disciplines are utilized to transform and bring balance to the totality of your Self.

Core elements are drawn from the rapidly developing fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is its principle therapeutic procedure – enhanced by “Past Life Regression Therapy” (as pioneered by Dr. Brian Weiss) when appropriate.

My approach is all about self-empowerment – to better know your Self, thus enabling you to exploit your own natural healing resources and ultimately better manage and maintain your own health and well-being.

How can I help you?

Do any of the following problems resonate with you?

  • I have a problem that conventional medicine doesn’t seem to help.
  • I have a physical problem that keeps coming and going.
  • I have a problem with pain.
  • I have a phobia that’s affecting how I lead my life.
  • I seem to emotionally over react in some situations.
  • I am constantly anxious.
  • I often feel down or depressed.
  • I don’t have a lot of self-confidence.
  • I have a problem forming lasting relationships.
  • My life appears to be going nowhere.

These and many similar problems, whether physical, emotional or psychological in nature, can very often be cleared quickly by the painless therapeutic methods I employ.

Are you beginning to ask yourself one or two of the following questions?

  • Why is it I’m prone to behave in harmful ways even though I know I’m doing it and don’t want to?
  • Why are my key relationships often fraught with emotion?
  • Why do I get on famously with some people, but others wind me up?
  • What makes me so drawn to pursue certain activities even though I’m told they won’t get me anywhere?
  • Is there a reason for my life’s challenges; if so, what can I practically do about them?
  • What’s stopping me from expressing myself fully in the world?
  • Does my life actually have a purpose?

These sorts of issues may so intrigue or worry you that they are worth investigating through my approach. Such questions often arise when your inner self begins to awaken your conscious-mind to who you are, why you are here, and what you might contribute to the world for your, and its, benefit. The Past Life Regression process, for example, is a simple way of liberating a fuller understanding of who you are, what your challenges are all about, and the deeper connections between your Self and those closest to you.



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Logo - 2 - segments and headsTelephone44 (0)7968 988871. If the call cannot be taken immediately, please leave your name, contact number, and the most suitable time to get back to you.

Sessions can be performed in person, on the telephone, or via Zoom (you may require a USB headset with mic and a webcam). Any connection fees are the responsibility of the client.

Session Fees:

Many people need only one or two sessions to resolve their issue. I would not expect to have to see someone for any more than 4 or 5 occasions in regard to any one issue, however severe it may be. The onus is on facilitating your ability to address your thoughts and beliefs surrounding an issue and teach you how to dissipate any “held” energy in the balancing of the bio-electromagnetic “energy layer” to yourself. It is not intended that you spend time and money in numerous sessions if my approach is not benefiting you.

  • Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine: £60. An initial session is 90 minutes in duration; subsequent sessions are 60 minutes in length. The first session includes 30-40 minutes of exploratory conversation about the issue and the practice of methods such as the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), which are highly efficient in treating a wide variety of ailments.
  • Past Life Regression Therapy: £80. All sessions are around 90 minutes in duration. I provide a written transcript outlining pertinent information and analysis for each Past Life Regression session. A session that is taken up on my suggestion because of lack of progress with EP sessions will only be charged at £60 for such a session (and will not include a recording or transcript). You should be aware that there are no guarantees for achieving a satisfactory regression. Should a session be unsatisfactory, in that the client is not regressed and there is little or no information produced, a fee of £60 is still payable for that session.

Where appropriate, you will be furnished with take-home resources free of charge for further self-study and practice. A basic EFT protocol, for example, can provide you with a life-long tool for self-treatment of many low-key psychological and emotional issues.

There is no charge for email clarification if required, or time spent on telephone communications that are again to do with the clarification of a session. Such telephone conversations would normally need to be arranged though in advance through sending or leaving a brief message or email beforehand.

 What does a “session” involve?

Face of fearFirstly, we are very aware that certain preconceived ideas or beliefs about what must be involved can scupper the best intentions. Fear is generally behind any preconceived notions. Fear of the new and untried, fear of the possibility of pain, fear of your vulnerability being exposed, fear of “dark psychological stuff,” fear that sessions will go on for ever costing lots of money, and fear that nothing will change.

Well… read on and we’ll try to allay any such fears.

A first session takes up about 90 minutes of your time whether the focus is upon Energy Psychology (EP) therapy or Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy/exploration. Subsequent sessions for PLR work remains around 90 minutes, whereas further EP sessions are confined to 60 minutes in length.

The first session involving EP methods takes longer as there is about 30 to 40 minutes of explanatory chat on the nature of the Counselling for your Self approach. Although time is inevitably spent at the start of any session for exploratory conversation about an issue, the onus of a session is upon the doing of EP methods such as EFT, or the PLR process. (See Past Life Regression Therapy page for what is involved in this process.)

The primary EP procedure used in session is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). The reasons for this are that EFT has shown to be highly efficient in treating a wide variety of ailments, and the client easily learns it in session for future self-treatment (thus negating the need for many appointments).

EFT has been referred to as “acupuncture without the needles” or “tapping.” Page - C4YS services - EFT handsThis is because a number of acupuncture points are stimulated by “tapping” them with the end of a finger – rather than inserting any needles. Simply by tapping in this manner on the acupuncture points, the body’s electromagnetic energy fields are invigorated. This element instigates a process of dissipating “held” emotional energy within the bio-electromagnetic energy system of your Self. Eastern medicinal traditions would regard this as “balancing” the Qi (chi) energy flow within your body.

During the tapping process, you are asked to repeat various statements relating to your “challenge” that are formulated during discussion. The statements are designed to focus the mind on the psychological factors (beliefs/habitual thought patterns) that are subconsciously involved in the maintenance of the issue in question through the holding of energy. At the same time, particular feelings and emotions are identified and their energies encouraged to dissipate during the tapping process. Alternative, more desirable ways of thinking are suggested and “affirmations” based on such suggestions are included whilst tapping.

That is essentially what is involved in an Energy Psychology session. Occasionally, other EP methods (similar to EFT) that adhere to the principle of moving and dissipating “held” energies, may be used. (Go to the EFT and “Muscle-testing” page for more on EFT.)

There is no pain involved, no side effects (slight soreness and light-headedness are rarely reported), no lengthy inquiry as to the psychological “reasons” for the condition, and more often than not, no need for numerous sessions.

If early Energy Psychology sessions appear to be making little progress with an issue, a variety of remedial exercises (such as “muscle-testing”) may be employed – again, very simple and painless procedures. The primary reason for any lack of progress is always to do with problems within your psychological structuring.

EP practices identify some of these problems, which are named “Psychological Reversals.” These are essentially illogical, counter-intuitive beliefs that act as “provisos” – which means they need to be addressed before the energy behind any more obvious problematic beliefs can be shifted. EFT literature calls these underlying psychological problems the, “writings on my walls,” or “tail-enders.” However you might describe them, they can stymie the progress of alleviation, and must be dealt with before any real change can be established.

Here are some examples of proviso beliefs that may be involved,

  • “I wouldn’t feel safe if this issue were to go.”
  • “This wouldn’t be good for another, if I didn’t have this issue.”
  • “I believe this will keep reoccurring, whatever I do.”
  • “I am meant to suffer in this way for my sins.”
  • “I have no control over my body.”

Sometimes a great deal of energy has been invested in maintaining one or more of these proviso beliefs and oftentimes they are very well hidden within your subconscious “library.” Discovering, fully revealing, dissipating the energy behind them, and generating more positive alternative beliefs where appropriate, are the items on the agenda of subsequent sessions.

With the client equipped and willing to do some “homework” for themselves, the number of one-to-one sessions should still be relatively few even if these psychological anomalies exist.

What if there’s still no progress?

If alleviation of the condition remains elusive, a session employing Past Life Regression Therapy may be required.

This would be suggested to you (you don’t have to take up this suggestion if you don’t want to) if all avenues of conscious and subconscious inquiry pertaining to the current lifetime’s experiences appear to be exhausted. It is entirely feasible (whether you believe it or not!) that emotional energy—which is precisely what we are dealing with—is being “held over” from another lifetime/s that contributes to your Whole, ever-expanding, “Essence Self” – go to the Benefits of Regression Sessions and How You Create Your Own (Healthy) Reality pages for more on this.

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