Readers should be aware that the theme of my blog is to highlight the alarming, fearful, traumatic, or even abhorrent mass events that we co-create for ourselves and shed some metaphysical insight on why we have done so. I present a deeper underlying psychological cause for such events and suggest how we as individuals can best respond to them. As many will appreciate, we are experiencing a plethora of panic inducing events of late across the globe. All such ‘negative’ events are drawing attention to the problematic beliefs we currently hold on how we should express ourselves in the physical realm.

For a couple of weeks approaching March 29, the day the European Union (EU) and the UK sign their decree nisi, it is no coincidence that there were a series of storms lashing the once “scepter’d isle.”

Now you may think that storms are hardly panic inducing. Hurricanes and Cyclones maybe, but gales and a bit of rain? While it is true that the British stiff upper lip has barely quivered in the face of 60 mile per hour winds, it’s not the strength of the storm that’s important, it’s why they are part of the current reality for the British people at this time. The metaphysical character Seth reminds us:

You think of rain or earthquakes as natural events, for example, while you do not consider thoughts or emotions as natural events in the same terms. Therefore it is difficult for you to see how there can be any valid interactions between, say, emotional states and physical ones [i.e., the weather].
You might say: “Of course, I realize that the weather affects my mood,” yet it will occur to very few of you that your moods have any effect upon the weather. (Roberts, J. The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book. p.103.)

Brexit pole

The prevailing emotional climate in Britain is one of anxiety and confusion. This collective negative mood then projects itself onto the physical environment in the shape of inclement weather. The political climate also becomes tempestuous—witnessed as a storm of differing opinions on the best way to separate ourselves from the EU. Theresa May, adamantly sticking to her version of separateness, literally lost her voice in the process. (A message from her inner self to suggest she stop talking and consider the deeper issues this storm inducing event brings to our attention—the need for political reform.)

The entirety of negative emotional energy initiated by the referendum and accumulated in the 30 months since, sits at the center of the storm system named Brexit. This energy vortex incorporates an important psychospiritual message not solely meant for the British and European peoples, but for all humankind:

The message is that it’s time for politicians, along with the rest of us, to wake up to the fact that humankind is but one individualized expression of Consciousness. We are inter-dependent of one another when it comes to expressing the nature of being human; but this does not exclude a person or groups of people from nonviolently expressing and maintaining their own in-dependent unique variance on what it is to be human. It’s time to understand that independence born of desperation, can lead to a subconscious amplification of the primal fear that we all struggle with—that we are separated from (our spiritual) Source.

British politicians need to realize that in June 2016 the people voted in desperation. (An act mirrored in the USA by the vote for Donald Trump.) To be independent we need to understand that on a deeper spiritual level there is no such thing as true separation. We are always interconnected with other people, other life forms, nature, and all ‘other’ expressions of Consciousness. National independence requires a system of government that genuinely cares for all the individualities contained within the whole populous—a caring inspired by new thoughts and ideas on how to accept and allow, appreciate, encourage, and nurture the characteristics of its people.

The astrological message

astrology and Brexit
Image by Mira Cosic from Pixabay

An astrologer friend of mine informs me that the group of peoples we’ve come to call the British nation was ‘born,’ if you will, on the coronation of William the Conqueror on December 25, 1066. The astrological natal chart for this event presents us with some basic characteristics of the nation’s ‘personality’ based on the planet Mars being on the ascendant at the time.

Essentially, the British are an outgoing, dynamic nation. They lead by example. There is a spiritual fire within them, a desire to take action, be enterprising, be courageous, show strength of will, and they have the energy to challenge the status quo. They can also be impulsive (guided by inner, spiritual prompts), selfish (often seen as elitism), insensitive to others, ruthless, and aggressive.

Because of these character traits, other nations tend to follow what the British people are doing. (Hence the fear of the EU that Britain’s exit will lead to others doing the same.) The British are recognized as having the courage do new things, think in unusual ways, and see where it takes them.

Interestingly, transit charts for March 29 (Brexit day), June 30 (if delayed until then) and December 31, 2020 (decree absolute), all indicate the British people will leave the EU. More interestingly, whether the process begins on March 29 or later, this will trigger a period of huge political unrest, deconstruction, and reformation. Albeit, fear not fellow Brits! The position of Saturn in these charts suggests that breakdown and renewal will occur in a disciplined and considered manner.

Yet more interestingly, in view of the tendency of other nations to take note of British actions; the EU, the United States, and other nations and large organizations are likely to bring about their own constitutional reforms. Brexit is a mass event that will invigorate our thinking on more authentic forms of democratic government of the people—with clearer, more transparent, and less bureaucratic forms of administration.

It’s worth noting that from a broader astrological perspective on this era in history, in January 2020, Saturn is in conjunction with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn—last witnessed (in January 1518) at the start of the reformation in Europe.

Greta Thunberg at WEF

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