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EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

Page - C4YS services - EFT handsEFT is a complementary form of therapy developed by Gary H Craig from the research and work of the psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan. It is a particular blend of Western and Eastern therapeutic knowhow – part of the integral approach to health that has led to the burgeoning field of Energy Psychology. EFT is a holistic procedure that brings relief to individuals suffering from psychological problems, emotional distress, and many physical ailments. It is particularly effective in dealing with addictive cravings, phobias, traumatic memories, stress, and chronic pain.

The “techniques,” are designed to stimulate your body’s electromagnetic energy system (specifically the energy meridians/pathways) by tapping on various acupuncture points chiefly around the head and hands, whilst addressing any problematic cognitive patterning (your thoughts and beliefs) associated with the issue in question. According to EFT theory, the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.

In the case of a phobia, for example, the negative emotion – fear – is caused by a distortion in the flow of energy through the body. During EFT, the thoughts and beliefs appertaining to the phobia are re-framed to a neutral state as the energy system is cleared of the distorting energy, re-balancing its natural flow.

The procedures used in EFT do not involve the use of any drugs or invasive instruments. The procedures are not painful to do and there are no side effects other than rarely reported feelings of lightheadedness or soreness through rubbing or tapping too vigorously.



A particularly attractive aspect of EFT is that the subject easily learns its procedures during consultation. This means that for many self-administration is possible, so negating many sessions with the practitioner. It is also quite common for people to go on to develop their own EFT administration skills so that it becomes a life tool for maintaining their own well-being and that of their families. It is then a therapeutic technique that empowers the individual to manage his or her own health.

EFT is not a replacement for seeking professional treatment for serious conditions, but it can work wonders with common psychological, emotional, and physiological disorders. It is a form of treatment that can work in conjunction with the conventional medical practitioner and for many it can help in eventually doing away with the need for prescribed drugs – or at the very least, reduce their levels of intake.

Essentially then…

  • EFT treats virtually any emotional issue.
  • EFT eradicates most phobias.
  • EFT can markedly alleviate many physical ailments.
  • EFT can improve upon a vast number of issues to do with personal performance – e.g., sitting exams, public speaking, sporting prowess.
  • EFT is simple to learn and quick to do for self-administration.
  • EFT will work even if you don’t fully understand the source of the problem, or don’t believe that it will!
  • EFT is effective with all age groups – particularly young children.
  • EFT is reliable, predictable, and forgiving of imprecise application.

No one has been harmed by the EFT procedures.


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Page - EFT & MT - EFTUniverse.com-logo1-150x81There is now a DVD available that is a feature length film, “The Tapping Solution: Try It On Everything!” – which is a documentary exploring EFT. Go to www.thetappingsolution.com to order a copy.

The EFT Founder Gary Graig’s website: www.emofree.com

UK leading practitioners’ websites: www.theeftcentre.com 


Muscle-testing is a procedure taken from the practice of Kinesiology. It involves measuring the resistance of certain muscles when small forces are applied to them. We would use muscle-testing on occasions where the ego-self is being highly protective of its beliefs.

Image courtesy of “Ambro”/ FreeDigitalPhotos.com

Image courtesy of “Ambro”/

Usually, we confine testing to the resistance in the shoulder muscle (deltoid). With the arm raised to a position horizontal to the floor, a slight downward pressure is applied to the wrist as the subject recites various statements. Focusing on a statement, and reciting it, engages very subtle changes in the bio-electromagnetic circuitry that flows through the muscle. We can ascertain the validity of these statements (that is, the degree of energy that the subject holds in relation to a statement being “true” for them) by gauging the strength of the deltoid muscle’s resistance to the downward pressure.

The more positive a subject’s thoughts are regarding the statement, the more energy is attributed to that statement, and the stronger the muscle becomes under test. Negative thoughts, generated by the statement being untrue for the subject, weaken the muscle.

Your subconscious library.

Your subconscious library.

The beauty of muscle-testing is that it is a very quick and efficient process for gaining access to the “subconscious library” that stores all your beliefs, attitudes, and “truths” – your most important beliefs. Muscle-testing is a way of circumventing the protective ego-self as it attempts to guard its precious beliefs. In amongst these significant, energy-charged belief structures it can uncover the “psychological reversals” that can stymie the EFT healing process.

You can think of psychological reversals as paradoxical core beliefs that are hidden away from conscious examination. They are paradoxical in the sense that these particular core beliefs invariably make no sense or are contrary to the logic of your conscious-mind. The energy held behind such core beliefs affects the balance and flow of energy throughout the entire system of your Self and the beliefs themselves can affect a great many of your actions. Alarmingly, because psychological reversals make no logical sense to your conscious-mind, your ego-self will dismiss their existence and confine them to inaccessible rooms in the library of your subconscious. Muscle-testing provides a key to such rooms so that you can begin to address the energies accrued to these troublesome belief patterns.

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