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There is always a divine message hidden in the seemingly negative experiences we go through. We just have to penetrate beneath the surface of a situation, and the message will be revealed. “Amma” (Hindu spiritual leader – formerly, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi).*

The general theme of this Blog relates to Mass Events (ME) and their significance to Humanity, and you, the individual – hence ME&you. “Mass events” was a term used by the metaphysical character Seth** when referring to large scale physical events (such as natural disasters and man-made disasters and tragedies), that have a significant impact upon a large percentage of the global population. Seth informs us that such events are imbued with deeper spiritual meanings for humanity than are currently realized by conventional examination.

This Blog aims to make you aware of these deeper meanings and thereby awaken a broader spiritual perspective within you.

Essentially, my Posts will attempt to examine and decipher the underlying psychological elements within our collective psyche (the thoughts and beliefs we collectively hold to be valuable), that contribute to the manifestation of events that make headline news. They will include how such examinations relate to the individual, as each of us attempt to understand the escalating number of distressing incidents occurring in our world.

Doesn’t the media try to do this already?

The mainstream media’s mindset adheres diligently to the modern, scientific worldview. Science still maintains that anything in physical reality is there as a result of (although highly complex) random mechanical processes. There is no meaning underpinning any physical event, just causes.

small boy refugee drownedThe media therefore offers, at best, a simple and impartial viewpoint on something that has just happened. They will attempt to remain as objective as possible in their reporting. They may on occasion offer a superficial explanation as to why an event happened—but usually only what the obvious physical causes were, and who if anyone is to blame for causing the event.

Because we believe that reality is a series of random events, and there is no collective responsibility for them beyond a blamed person or group, the media quickly moves its attention from one mass event to another.  Sadly, we very often do not see, or ignore, the message or meaning underpinning an event—blinded as we are by the belief that we do not co-create our reality, and are therefore not responsible for its manifestation.

Rarely are collective psychological contributors (specifically the beliefs we hold) examined in the investigation of a mass event.

This blog however, offers you a very different viewpoint from that of the media. It will present a point of view that originates from deep within the subjective, spiritual realm of creation. A perspective drawn from a far broader understanding of why we manifest certain realities.  I will suggest to you why an event has occurred, what collective beliefs may be behind it, and what you the individual can do to help stop it occurring again.

Everything happens for a reason, on the personal level and at a shared, co-created level. A significant mass event contains a significant message from Consciousness (God if you like), sent to awaken our awareness to a problematic belief within our psyche.

Surely this doesn’t apply to natural events that are really tragic, like tsunamis?

The bigger and more alarming the event, the more important it is that we examine and act on the psychological issues at the heart of its origin.

Unpleasant, frightening, alarming, tragic, abhorrent, disgusting, negative happenings (whether deemed natural or manmade) represent the loudest of wake-up calls to our collective mind. We co-create all that we experience, the joyful and the tragic.

Consciousness creates all experiences for very good reasons. It learns and expands through experiences, and we too, as expressions of Consciousness, can learn from our experiences—provided we wake up to the fact that the events we create for ourselves contain valuable subjective information on the current nature of our collective psychological structuring.

Crucially, it is from our psychological structuring that we create our reality.

Negative incidents are essentially telling us of the psychological problems we must deal with if we are to shift our outlook to a more evolved perspective on life.

As each of us creates our reality from our personal collection of beliefs, so too is mass reality co-created from the commonly championed beliefs held by the majority.

Our personal negatively perceived experiences are there to steer us into some form of self-examination, to have us meditate on any personal beliefs we hold that need addressing.

Similarly, scaled up if you will, negatively perceived mass events are there to remind us of issues within our collective psychological structuring that we should take a serious look at—not only for the sake of humanity’s mental equilibrium, but also to be better prepared for taking the next step in our evolution.

Awareness is a powerful thing. You will find that some of the issues discussed will have a more marked effect upon you as you contemplate them. This begins the process of “Self” discovery—knowing more about your Self and the elements within your personal belief systems that may stymie the full expression of who you are.

The Blog may thus stir you into following up on what you are learning about your Self.

You may then consider other things that are on offer on this website. The “OFFERINGS” page is the best place to start. This page has an ever increasing learning content on offer, some of which is free to download.

Here’s how things work:

I will write a new post periodically. I hope to be able to do this once a month, however, quite when a mass event of significance occurs is unpredictable.

Joining the community here begins with commenting and interacting on the Blog.

When you register as a Subscriber, you will get an email informing you of a new Blog post, become eligible for posting comments on the Blog, gain access to content other than public free downloads, and you will get a periodic newsletter (around 3 or 4 times a year) to update you on the community and any new OFFERINGS such as the Mastery of Self-Compassion Membership Course.

When commenting, do please join in with your own interpretations of the event’s meaning or message—much better a mass interpretation of a co-created mass event than just my personal two cents worth!

Post a comment on how a certain event makes you feel.

How does an event resonate with you? Look first to your feelings about the matter (which originate from your inner self), negative feelings will point to the beliefs your inner self would like you to take a look at.

It’s about formulating a collective consensus of what we feel the mass event reveals to us and what we as individuals can do in response to the message of the event.

In gratitude and appreciation of your comments.





Book - cover Rising-in-Love-Ram-Das-Batchelder-194x300* For more information on Amma, regarded as a Hindu “living Saint,” look out for Rising in Love: With Amma, the Hugging Saint, by Ram Das Batchelder.

Click on the book’s cover to go to Ram Das Batchelder’s website.

**Seth was a character channeled by the author Jane Roberts from the 1960s through to her death in 1984. Amongst Seth’s dictated books is a personal favorite of mine, The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events.

In this book I will try to tell you what goes on behind the scenes – to show you the ways in which you choose your daily physical programs, and to describe how those personal choices mix and merge to form a mass reality. (Seth, The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book. Roberts, J. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, Inc.; 1981. p. 81.)

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