The 1st Natural Principle: Non-Violation

The 2nd Natural Principle: Accept & Allow

The 3rd Natural Principle: Be Compassionate

The 4th Natural Principle: Be Forgiving

The 5th Natural Principle: Be Grateful & Appreciative

The 6th Natural Principle: Be Creative

The 7th Natural Principle: Be Spontaneous

The 8th Natural Principle: Be Patient

The 9th Natural Principle: Be Cooperative

The 10th Natural Principle: Be Open & Vulnerable

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generic logo at IAYC.comOne crucial thing I’ve learned over my years of conscious creation study is that to change our reality we need the support of a community of like-minded people. You may be able to change your personal reality all by yourself, but it becomes far easier to do so when you give and ask for the support of others. Importantly, if we want to change the collective reality, we can only do this through communities all working towards the same desired intent.

IMPORTANT CAUTION: Any exercises or procedures (such as EFT) presented in the documents on this page are essentially self-help tools for alleviating common low-key psychological and/or emotional conditions (for example: phobias, low self-esteem, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, food addictions, insomnia and other similar problems), or for Self-knowledge discovery and self-development through such processes as guided meditation. They are not designed to teach someone psychotherapy and should not be used without supervision from a qualified professional by anyone suffering from an acute psychological disorder such as psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or manic depression. Any procedure is meant to complement any conventional treatment that has been prescribed.

Current Offerings

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Section 1 ~ Free for all:

A basic shortcut guide to using EFT on yourself

This is an abbreviated version of Gary Craig’s “Emotional Freedom Techniques.” Go to for more information on this easy to use and emotionally liberating protocol.

Explore the Seth Material and Conscious Creation

Go to’s ‘Freebies & More’ page for more about Seth, Jane Roberts, the channelling phenomenon, and a whole lot more…

1. Before Your Beginning

Key ideas from Chapter 1 of It’s About You! Know Your Self. Consciousness, its individuation, the evolution of awareness, Divine Love, and your intent to know your Self.

2. The Individuation of Consciousness

A graphical representation of the individuation process.

4. How your beliefs affect your reality

Ten things about your Beliefs you need to know.

5. Intent ~ Your personal expression

Key ideas from Chapter 5 of It’s About You! Know Your Self. Ten things to understand about humanity’s nine Families of Intent.

9. Your Inner Senses

A brief guide to Seth’s descriptions of the inner (intuitional) senses ~ Empathic, Conceptual and Time-Based.

10. Feelings ~ what you need to know

Feelings are not the same things as emotions. Make a start on learning the important differences.

12. Truths ~what you need to know

The true nature of truths as presented in the metaphysical literature.

14. Thoughts ~ what you need to know

The nature of thought and thinking.

Section 2 ~ Free to Subscribers:

3. Key Ideas on the Nature of Divine Love

Your will to love, living without fear, our greatest fear, fear of loving, and the principles for conscious living.

The Families of Human Intent

An articulation of the driving forces within the human psyche. Referred to by Seth as the “Families of Consciousness.”

A Core EFT Exercise

This is a downloadable script for using EFT to deal with issues relating to a lack of self-worth.

6. Your Spiritual Self

Key ideas relating to the spiritual aspects of your Self. Areas within consciousness and the ‘slowing’ of Consciousness Units to form your Essence.

7. Your Physical Self

Key ideas relating to the psychological structures that are focused upon the physical dimension.

8. The Entire Self

A graphical depiction of the elements making up the entirety of the Self ~ or at least the more understandable ‘layers’ to it.

11. Emotions ~ what you need to know

Emotions are not the same things as feelings. A brief guide to the nature of emotions.

13. It’s all in your Mind

A brief metaphysical explanation of the Mind and your Subconscious Library.

Section 3 ~ Books ~ not exactly free:

Learn How to Listen to Your Wisest Guide and Start Living a Happier and Contented Life

Why do we get emotionally upset in certain situations for no good reason? How come certain people simply annoy us, no matter what they say or do? How can we better trust our impulses? What can we do to allow our emotions to flow through us without harming our self or others?

The primary method by which our inner self (soul if you like) communicates with our conscious mind is through our feelings and emotions. Our inner self is our font of wisdom and always has our best interests at heart, but the problem we all have when it comes to pursuing a happy and purposeful life is that we rarely listen to what our inner self is telling us about why we have certain feelings and what our emotions are trying to communicate.

The primary intent of this book is to help you realize the difference between the energies of your feelings and emotions so that you can consciously understand and utilize both. Its aim is to bring clarity on what a feeling or emotion is telling you about your current situation—what you’re doing to yourself in the moment—and how to then go about addressing any negative feelings and/or emotions.

Click HERE to order on, or HERE for

Move Beyond Occasional Happiness to Constant Contentment and a Blissful State of Being

Why is it that happiness always comes and goes—if it comes at all? How can you sustain a deep state of peace and contentment in an ever more frightening world? What does it take to uncover and fulfil your life’s unique purpose?

You will have noticed that our world’s ecological, political, financial, educational, and religious systems are all in a state of turmoil—all appear to be in degradation, or at least entering a period of radical reformation. If you don’t think this has much to do with you and your lifestyle, then the probability is that you are yet to become fully conscious of the significance of this tumultuous time for humanity—or the impact it will have upon you.

This short (1 to 2 hour read) book expands upon the Ten Natural Principles presented in It’s About You! Know Your Self. It’s a concise guide to the foremost spiritual principles that underpin how the driving force of Divine Love steers the creative process in the natural world.

You will learn of the absolute undistorted spiritual principles that steer the creation of your life’s reality. These “natural” principles are not a set of laws or commandments from on high; they are a purified set of mental behavioral guidelines—unadulterated by institutional dogma. They are the human psyche’s translation of the universal force behind all creation—the vitality of Divine Love.

Practice is the key to instilling the virtues of these natural principles within your conscious mind. Assimilating the principles will allow you to ride the wave of our collective “shift in consciousness” with a deep-seated trust and confidence in yourself.

What’s the 1/2 Principle? Click HERE (Amazon US) or HERE (Amazon UK) to get a copy and find out!

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Magnificent Multi-Dimensional Self

Why are you here in the physical world at this crucial and chaotic time for humanity? What if you were aware of your higher self’s spiritual reasons for being here? What if you could fearlessly pursue those things that excite your passions without worrying about money or whether you are worthy of doing so? What does it take to fully express your Self?

It’s About You! Know Your Self integrates profound insights from a wide variety of physical and nonphysical sources of knowledge into an experiential workbook.

Its primary aim is to make the reader consciously aware of the subconscious “spiritual” impulses that steer one’s experiences in life.

Know Your Self, through its series of exercises, initiates a journey of gentle self-transformation that releases emotional and psychological obstructions on the way to consciously managing the key issues that affect our lives–self-worth, health, relationships, and our flow of abundance–enabling us to live a more fun-filled, altruistic way of life.

In this newly edited, revised edition, you will discover the totality of your indivisible Self–from the fabulous resources of your Essence self, to the foibles, fears and wayward beliefs of your ego-self–and learn how to deal with your ego-self’s challenges in a compassionate and forgiving manner.

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