Are you meant to be here?

From a spiritual perspective, I can assure you the answer is a most definite yes! From the practical internet surfing, search engine Googling perspective, let me say to you that there is no such thing as a coincidence or an accidental occurrence.

You’ve arrived here for a reason.

You might have got here by searching for a keyword or phrase that is foremost in your thoughts at the moment. A web link might have got you here. Perhaps you were looking for me, Chris Johnson, my book, It’s About You! Know Your Self, or my Counselling for your Self services—or you simply haven’t a clue as to how you got here!

However you got here, the underlying reason is very likely to do with now being a good time for you to start knowing your Self a little better, or to begin freeing yourself from a personal issue that you are simply fed up coping with, or forever putting aside.

Here’s what you can do for your Self now you’re here:

generic logo at IAYC.comLearn about the true breadth of your Self (from your spiritual Essence self, to your physically focused ego-self). This learning includes why you are here in the physical realm, as opposed to why you are on this website! Click on the Learning tab on the top navigation bar for more on how to start knowing your Self a whole lot better.

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Heal yourself of those emotional and psychological aspects that are affecting your personality and ego-self, thereby preventing you from enjoying life and fully expressing yourself in the physical world. Click on the Healing tab on the top navigation bar for more information on my Counselling for your Self services.

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Join a community of like-minded people who want to make a difference in the world, particularly during these changing times. Safely explore how you might do this by discovering and living your life’s intent and purpose.

I’m Chris Johnson, author of It’s About You! Know Your Self. I know that what brought you here is a part of your “Self” that is always looking out for you and the development of who you are. In my writing, I refer to this part of the Self as your inner self – an emissary of your broader, more expansive spiritual Self – your Essence of being.

Most people are unaware that their Essence sets the direction of their lifetime’s intent and purpose. Your inner self provides you with subtle spiritual guidance in this regard and helps keep you in alignment with your path of intent – if your ego-self will allow it! A full appreciation of your intentional path and the purposeful pursuits it encourages will bring you the greatest joy and fulfillment from life. It is my intent to teach and assist others in the discovery of their own intent and purpose.

Are you aware of the “Shift” happening in our collective consciousness at present?

First described in the metaphysical literature, and now being felt by contemporary philosophers, scientists, and mystics across the globe, there is a hugely profound mass event happening right now within the collective psyche of the human race. As Eckhart Tölle reminds us:

We are in the midst of a momentous event in the evolution of human consciousness. On our planet, and perhaps simultaneously in many parts of our galaxy and beyond, consciousness is awakening from the dream of form. This does not mean all forms (the world) are going to dissolve, although quite a few almost certainly will. It means consciousness can now begin to create form without losing itself in it. It can remain conscious of itself, even while it creates and experiences form. Why should it continue to create and experience form? For the enjoyment of it. How does consciousness do that? Through awakened humans who have learned the meaning of awakened doing.

A new species is arising on the planet. It is arising now, and you are it!

(Oneness With All Life: Inspirational Selections from A New Earth. p.107.)

generic logo at IAYC.comClick on this icon to read more about our shift in consciousness.

As Craig Hamilton, a pioneer in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality says,

It’s up to us to evolve the world. We can’t wait for someone else to do it. If we see things about this world that needs to change, they’re ours to change.

You might be wondering what this shift in our consciousness has to do with you. In short…

Our shift in consciousness needs you!

generic logo at IAYC.comClick on this icon to read more on how our shift in consciousness affects you and you it.

The reality we are presented with is there as a result of the predominant thoughts and beliefs we collectively hold. Our predominant thoughts and beliefs are those we choose to invest our energy in. (This also applies to the creation of an individual’s reality, as well as the consensus reality.)

Because the consensus reality is the result of our collective thoughts and beliefs, every one of us needs to take responsibility for its current state of chaos and disorder.

chaos_quoteThis is a time when we need to become response-able for the changes required in our thinking and behavior if humanity is to evolve. As more and more of us pledge ourselves to personal evolution, a new understanding of the order of the cosmos will come into being. Humanity will thus become an expression of Consciousness able to reach new heights in creativity.

This is not the time to apportion blame to any one, group, or section of our global community for the turmoil we have created. There is no blame. We have jointly taken a very narrow path for the last couple of hundred years in attempting to understand the nature of reality and how it is created. As a consequence, we find ourselves in a reality that is as it is—a confusion of ideologies that leave us fearful of annihilation.

This troubled state is a clear reflection of the fact that we don’t yet understand how we create our reality.

generic logo at IAYC.comFor a little elucidation on how we create our reality, click on this icon.

The reality we co-create, the mass events we bring into our experience, actually provide valuable information on the core belief systems we share that are germane to our predicament. We need to look deeply into these core belief systems, especially scrutinizing those beliefs we collectively hold to be “truths.”

This is something the Blog here aims to do.

Once we reach a critical mass of individuals with a changed, more evolved sense of perception, then a shift will occur within the collective mind of humankind. A new worldview will emerge for the majority, and we will be exploring a variety of new concepts on what it is to be human.

Click on this link to find out what my Blog is all about: Mass Events and You.

Do take a good look around the site and download any free content from the OFFERINGS page in order for you to deliberate on whether my other offerings and services can be of value to you. My contact details are on the top menu bar.

I look forward to connecting with you ~ in gratitude and appreciation of you, Chris.

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