What Our Shift in Consciousness

Means to You

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

Feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time.

A feeling of generalized anxiety.

Feeling vulnerable for some reason unknown.

Lost all patience.

A feeling of loneliness, despite having plenty of friends and family.

Finding your relationships are becoming testy.

Sensing a distinct lack of direction or purpose to your life.

No sense of fulfillment from life.

If so, and particularly if more than one of the above resonates with you at the moment, then you are likely to be intuitively sensing a disturbance of energy within the human psyche ~ an energy reconfiguration of evolutionary significance, now commonly referred to as humanity’s “shift in consciousness.”

First mentioned in metaphysical teachings and now being felt by contemporary philosophers, scientists, and mystics across the globe, there is a hugely profound event happening, right now, within the psyche of humankind. To put it simply, our collective mind that houses the cauldron of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, and sensations that make up our perception (which, incidentally, is that which creates our reality) is undergoing an evolutionary restructuring of its foundational suppositions.

Okay… Even more simply—we humans are in the process of changing the way we think about life and how we live it.

Over the millennia, since becoming a sentient species with an ego-self capable of self-reflection through use of a mind, we’ve been exploring what it’s like to be physical in a physical world.

Before the advent of civilisation, we spent many thousands of years living together in communities under the natural principle of cooperation. The past 6,000 years has seen an exploration of the concept of survival through competition as the driving force behind how we live our lives. Psychologically, over the past 600 years, the ego-self has developed its intellectual faculty, which has led to a reliance upon logic, reason, and thought processing over spiritual or intuitive ways of knowing.

The Renaissance period between the 14th and 17th Centuries began a reawakening to our creative potential. We became artistically inspired (breathing in from our spiritual source of creativity), before being intellectually inspired by scientific and technological advances in the 19th and 20th Centuries. In short, for the last 600 years or so we’ve been revitalizing our spiritual connection and developing our intellectual capacities. All good, Yes?

Maybe not. The start of the 21st Century sees the realization that the ego-self’s preference for intellectual understanding, together with its belief in being competitive in order to survive (now given credence by the specious Darwinian axiom of ‘survival of the fittest’) has got us into one hell of a collective pickle. Our ego-self has become mesmerized with measuring and categorizing anything and everything it perceives through the physical senses—much to the detriment of our spiritual connection and the information available to us through our far more informative inner senses.

I’m just contacting my inner self.

Normally around the age of two or three years, once a small child has reached an understanding of how its physical senses work and how it can use its body to interact with the physical environment, it moves into a psychological stage of development. A “theory of mind”[i] comes into play. The child’s attention moves away from a focus on the physical stuff of creation to the equally important nonphysical aspects of its being. It begins to explore its connections with other individuals and to play with the energies of emotions and their expression. (Ask any parent!)

Humankind, as a species, is at a significant point in its evolutionary development. Like the small child, we are moving our attention away from our physical senses that tell of our existence, to the nonphysical, immeasurable, inner senses that engineer our existence. We are expanding our awareness of what is possible for a fuller, more complete rendition of the spiritual being having a physical experience Teilhard De Chardin once alluded to.

The ego-self’s preoccupation with explaining and mapping the physical realm has led to a narrowed perception of life in general and what it means to be—not just in physical terms, where we delight in observing and measuring our being-ness, but in the broadest terms possible, which includes a purer, more balanced expression of our multidimensional being.

A schizophrenic Western mind

Since the industrial revolution a schism has developed within the collective mind of Western civilization. The ego-self (the part of our Self that manages the physical, objective reality) has subjugated the inner self (emissary of our Essence self) which deals with the spiritual, subjective reality. Our collective mind, under control of the ego-self, has largely excluded any advice from our inner self, cutting off from our direct awareness the information and knowledge that completes who we are.

Schizophrenia is a label given to a psychological condition that involves dissociation between the functions of feeling or emotion on the one hand, and those of thinking or cognition on the other. In other words, the mind splits itself, along a horizontal axis, with little integration between the subtle energies conveyed by our spiritual self (inner self) and the intellect (ego-self) championing logic and reason.

Some religious factions have become so confused and distracted by the pursuit of power of late that they have forsaken the primary principles (spiritual and moral guidance) underpinning their faith. Extreme acts of violence are a symptom of paranoid schizophrenia, a chronic form exhibited by fundamentalists.

My Eyes at the Moment of the Apparitions by German artist August Natterer, who had schizophrenia.

Our disenchantment with religious guidance in the latter half of the 20th Century, not least because that guidance still traded on the fear of repercussions in the afterlife if you didn’t conform to a doctrine’s dictates, has meant that we have not dared to venture along the path of true spiritual investigation and discovery. Those in power have utilized fear, the predominant state of being for our ego-self, to deny us access to the wonders of our spiritual world—where Divine Love is the prevailing state of being for our Essence self.

This separation from Essence, for so long, is the fundamental reason behind the current turmoil we are experiencing in the world.

The good news is that our multidimensional, multifaceted Essence selves are forcing their way back into our awareness. They’ve had enough! They’ve stood quietly and patiently aside as our ego-selves have run riot with the principle of free will. In so doing, we’ve discovered that an ego-self that excludes the inner self in exercising our free will has brought us to the brink of annihilation.

Consciousness, God if you prefer, has also had enough of this experiment in egoism, this consensual ego-trip.

Slowly but surely, through the subtleties of intuition and the inner senses, our Essence selves are making their presence felt as they strive to gain our ego-self’s attention and bring our collective mind back into a more balanced and broader level of perception. Our collective mind, restricted for so long by the ego-self’s faith in an intellect wooed by left-brain, analytical, logical, reductionist thinking, is shifting its focus of awareness away from solely “masculine” oriented ways of perceiving our being-ness. We are beginning to re-embrace our “feminine” faculties of awareness into our conscious reckoning. We’re inviting the energies of the “Divine Feminine,” along with our inner senses, back into the art of balancing a purer, more refined sense of perception.

In summary, we are currently navigating a truly evolutionary shift in the very nature of human consciousness and how that consciousness is expressed in the physical world.

[i] Theory of mind is the ability to attribute mental states—beliefs, intents, desires, pretending, knowledge, etc.—to oneself and others and to understand that others have beliefs, desires, intentions, and perspectives that are different from one’s own.

What, you may ask, has all of this got to do with me?

Well… Our shift in consciousness needs you!

Changing our shared reality begins with the individual. We can only effect a change at a personal level ~ within our own Self. Be an example for others. Bill Attride (Astrologer) puts it this way:

As you become more aware of who and what you are, as you realize and reveal the distinctiveness of you, what is your Quintessence (or what is know as your “Swabhava,” or essence of you), as you do this you move into ever more truer forms of being, creating, leading, and loving. You become what you are, you are “THAT,” and by this you bring out the best in you and those who are with you, and they become inspired by your example to be their better selves too.

You will need to look deeply into the areas of your life that you are not happy with, examine your beliefs, and dissipate the energy behind any that standout as problematic. This isn’t as easy as it reads. Many problematic beliefs are protected or disguised by your ego-self as “truths,” which are rarely open to change. With help, these can be uncovered, examined for their appropriateness, and addressed if necessary.

This is an on-going process for us all and is one that will become part of our behavioral habits post-shift. It will become part of the process, part of the work, of being a post-shift individualized expression of human consciousness. Once you have addressed any problematic beliefs, then their energy can be given over to those thoughts and beliefs that excite your passions. Your passions are to do with the intent and purpose of your life. By constantly monitoring and addressing to your beliefs you will be better able to live your purpose and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

It may take some time, but this process will change your perception of reality and thus the reality that you attract to yourself. This website, along with its content and OFFERINGS, aims to facilitate this process for you.


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In gratitude and appreciation of you, Chris.



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