Keep Up With Our Shift in Consciousness

As the late futurist, author, and public speaker Barbara Marx Hubbard has said, “There is a new world and a new humanity struggling to be born. Homo Sapiens are giving birth to Homo Universalis (universal human).” Homo Universalis being “a higher conception of humanity that co-evolves with nature, co-exists with high tech genius, co-creates with spirit, and leads with love.”

The New York astrologer Bill Attride reminds us that if you feel that the time we are in signifies “the end of an Age” – that’s because it is!

Mirroring Barbara, in his forecast for 2019, he states:

“A new world is coming… much of our social, economic and political structures will be reformed/transformed into new modes of expression, and they will certainly be informed by new ideas (or old ideas renewed) and meanings.

This end is a beginning and it requires and calls out for Preservers, Protectors, Transformers, and Healers. Your duty, as always is to Master yourself and then to help others towards their self-mastery too.”

From Bill Attride's Blog:

As I’ve been noting since 2008, we are going through a very specific period (that continues until 2024), [when] the Planet Pluto is moving through the sign of Capricorn, the sign in ‘mundane’ or Worldly Astrology that governs Institutions.

Pluto, ruling the Will, and the processes of Alchemy and Spiritual Chemistry, also represents the processes of Birth, Death, and Re-Birth.

Listed below are various media items that give indication of our shift in consciousness in action. They come from a variety of contemporary sources, each supporting a particular aspect or development in our understanding of our personal and collective reality.

Top of the pile are the most recent additions.

These are followed by a list of organizations and people who recognize and appreciate that we are in a time of profound change for humanity. They offer wisdom and advice on what the individual can do for themselves and in their communities during this period of transition.

The INNER CLIMATE CHANGE DOCUMENTARY from the Findhorn Foundation focuses on the very personal experiences of participants of the Climate Change and Consciousness Conference (CCC19) held in April 2019 at the Findhorn Ecovillage. Participants included 350 youngers and elders of multiple ethnicities and diverse genders from 45 countries. (65 mins.)

Cynthia Sue Larson reports on quantum physics experiments at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh that suggest that we can indeed ‘select’ the reality we prefer in our observations. (7:00)

Charles Eisenstein on the difficulties we face by being on the leading edge of our shift in consciousness. (3:25)

Thomas Hubl talks with Ms. Li Yinuo on how to teach kids to become themselves. Li Yinuo founded the “Nuli Community” and the ETU School in China. (16:50)

Futurist Peter Russell speaks about our “Spiritual Renaissance” – part and parcel of our evolutionary shift in consciousness. (4:40)

Jude Currivan presents the ‘Cosmic Hologram’ – that which patterns information. (36:30)

Giles Hutchins explores the necessary shift in consciousness now required for us to step into our Evolutionary Purpose. A shift in Spiral Dynamics terms from Tier 1 consciousness (mechanistic) to Tier 2 (living systems). (35-min. video, talk starts at 2:50.)

Andrew Harvey reminds us of our need to awaken to our passion – our intent and purpose for this lifetime – in the cause of “sacred activism.” (9:30)

Barbara Marx Hubbard asks us to unlock the evolutionary key of human genius together. (4:54)

And here are some links to a variety of sources helping in the understanding of our shift in consciousness:

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