How to be responsibly responsive and dissipate your fear

In Part 1 of this blog article I said that most people will be experiencing just two feelings now that Donald Trump has begun his Presidency. Fear and excitement. If you’re feeling predominantly fearful (anger, frustration, and resentment are reflections of fear) then you’ll need to be in full control of your responsive actions if you want to stand any chance of changing the reality that’s disturbing you. You must have a responsible mindset if you are to be effectively response-able.

Feelings are independent energy forms that alert your conscious mind to information about to transfer directly from your inner (spiritual) self. They often act as “emotional-signals,”[i] telling you that you’re creating emotional energy within you. And that emotional energy has a desire to be expressed. If you’re feeling excited by events then you are in an excellent mental position to be effectively response-able in any actions you are considering. If you’re feeling fearful, the first thing you need to do is change that feeling to one of excitement.

Why? Because the emotional energy that is waiting for expression, the energy resource that gives you the strength to act, will follow the theme of your mind’s feelings and thoughts, and it will create and attract more energy to that theme.

The feeling of fear is your inner self’s ultimate call to action, but subsequent actions need to be steered away from a fearful theme. Recognize the fearful feeling, acknowledge your inner self’s call to action, and channel the energy available down the road of excitement, which leads to the theme of Divine Love. Adhering to a theme of fear will ultimately worsen the situation and at best change nothing.

So how do I connect with and maintain a theme of Divine Love?

Excitement is a feeling that signals you are connecting to Divine Love—the driving force behind Consciousness itself. That is, you are entering a mentally receptive state that will allow further directive impulses to come through from your Essence self—that spiritual part of your Self that is never disconnected from Divine Love.

Connecting your conscious mind to Divine Love and the ways it can be expressed through you, allows you to act in ways that are of benefit to yourself, others, and ultimately, All That Is—Consciousness.

Divine Love acts through a set of Natural Principles, referred to in metaphysical teachings as the “laws of the inner universe.” These principles translate into human understanding as a variety of different mental characteristics—ways in which to think before you act. Here are those crucial mental precepts:

  • ACCEPT AND ALLOW – is key to summoning the Divine Love within you.
  • COMPASSION – is the basic desire within you to relieve suffering.
  • FORGIVENESS – is the appreciation of a co-created learning experience.
  • GRATITUDE & APPRECIATION – replenishes the energies you expend through action.
  • CREATIVITY – exercises your ability to explore different ways to express energy.
  • SPONTANEITY – instills a trust of your Self and your creative abilities.
  • PATIENCE – is an action in itself—allowing your creativity to manifest in natural time.
  • COOPERATION – is a vibrant and necessary principle of all existence.
  • OPENNESS & VULNERABILITY – is about being open to receive and opening your heart to others.

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Maintaining these principles in your mental outlook and considering them when you deliberate on how to act when feeling fearful, hateful, enraged, angry, frustrated, or just plain pissed about something someone (naming no Presidential names) is doing to suppress your personal freedom, will prevent you from re-acting in an habitual, and perhaps violent, manner. Your biggest responsibility when taking action is to refrain from violation.

A violation is a deliberate act to end, harm, or undermine the physical or psychological freedom of another expression of Consciousness. We are all expressions of Consciousness.

In any situation, if you’re unsure of whether your actions may be in violation, simply ask yourself, “Am I being respectful?” This question applies to all that is.

Even if you can only manage to entertain one or two of these natural principles in warding off a fearful theme to your actions there is another mental stance you can adopt that will help in all of this—maintain your sense of humor. Keep a sense of levity—a light-ness of mind—in all that you engage in.

Humor disarms your ego-self’s protective fears. As my metaphysical friend Seth (channeled by Jane Roberts) would say, “life is supposed to be fun!”

Opposing another’s anger, hatred, righteousness, or autocratic attitude by reflecting those same attitudes back at them, simply empowers them. Showing compassion, forgiveness, and creativity with a lightness of mind and a light-hearted demeanor will quell and dissipate their fear-themed energy.

Elias (Mary Ennis) reminds us to,

Pay attention to what energy you are generating and attempt not to match the energy that you disagree with. This is, in a manner of speaking, where you put into practice these principles, or you don’t. I would encourage you to do so, for ultimately it always returns to your individual greatest benefit, and opposition is never to your greatest benefit. And it doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t feel better to be angry or afraid, which perhaps you can contemplate.[ii]

Thankfully, we are already starting to do this

This alternative approach when attempting to change things on the political stage can already be seen in recent protest demonstrations around the world. The women and minorities marches in particular, inspired the contemporary philosopher Charles Eisenstein (an attendee) to comment on the change in the rally’s atmosphere to a more loving, more compassionate, and more respectful vibe:

Despite the fiery, militant rhetoric, despite the military metaphors, love, peace, empathy, and compassion are ascendant in all these “marches.” The women aren’t going to tear down the patriarchy using its own devices. They aren’t going to turn patriarchy’s violence, degradation, dehumanization, and humiliation back against the men. They aren’t (to paraphrase Audre Lord) going to use the master’s tools to dismantle the master’s house. To do so would be to join the patriarchy in the guise of opposing the patriarchy. It would be to exchange a greater power for a lesser power. Political culture, by and large, does not recognize this truth, but it is growing stronger and, I hope, will transform politics. As normal falls apart, that moment may come soon.

Charles Eisenstein

Interviewed on the Tavis Smiley Show Eisenstein remarked that this new approach to political protests (encompassing the qualities of the Divine Feminine) “opens that creative space” and thereby sparks far more imaginative ways to register disapproval of actions that perpetuate division, subjugation, polarization, and as Elias terms it, “the absolute non-acceptance of difference.”

Psychic/Medium Danielle Egnew, from her blog, adds:

None of this is about candidates. Or political parties. Again, it’s always been about consciousness… We’re not sheep. We run this show. We’re finally waking up to this fact the hard way… We are here to wake up to the mind-bending power that we individually possess, and to bear witness to what a stunning difference we can make when we pool this ability.

When writing on the “Cult of Fear” she states:

Donald Trump has brought the USA the gift of exposing the Cult of Fear which pervades our society on every level. Paranoia, American exceptionalism, racism—all symptoms of a fear that has passed down often for generations.

Fear is the process of isolating the self within the realm of one’s own projected emotional and intellectual reality, trapping the self in a cave full of holograms containing our worst nightmares. Reality is occurring outside the cave—plenty of sunshine and birds chirping—yet within this darkened cavern of the self, we are trapped within our worse-case scenario.

If you read my first post last April on the Trump phenomenon entitled “In Gratitude and Appreciation of Donald Trump” you’ll perhaps better understand why I chose such a title. My gratitude and appreciation of Trump was directed at how this one individual brought us “the gift of exposing” our greatest fears. I said then,

Donald Trump is not just spewing out the dark side of the American consciousness; in addition, he is revealing to the world the psychological shadows that exist within us all. On show is an ego-self that exhibits all the inappropriate beliefs and fear-based ways of thinking that we each need to eradicate from our psychological heritage if we are to become truly civilized, cooperative, and mentally mature human beings.

Nine months on, it needed the colossal shock of Trump becoming President for us to globally recognize that our fight is not with Trump, but with the fearful feelings we generate from the most insidious beliefs buried deep within our collective unconscious—that we are separate from Source, that we are unworthy of self-expression, that we are powerless in our individuality, and that we are undeserving of a joyful and fulfilling life.

We are slowly but surely reconnecting to our personal power, and as Abraham (Esther Hicks) tells us, “you can’t be connected to your own power and feel fear at the same time.” Abraham adds:

[When you are connected to your own power] destiny is of your own making. You’re not looking around the world for others to join you in groups in order to shore up your insecurity—because there is no insecurity. That is the greatest gift that this particular upheaval-ish conversation can give to all of you. If you can recover from this and feel more empowered then what you’ve asked for in your vortex [personal energy stream] has been answered. You have the ability to focus your mind so that you’re in harmony with who you are, so that you have all of your power and resources flowing through you. If you think you’re getting any of this from these political parties, you’re in for a lifetime of upheaval.

Joanne Helfrich

As author and channeler of Rose, Joanne Helfrich, remarks in her blog:

Do you notice how people all over the world—those holding very different perspectives—are finding common ground in loving others? And in standing up to those who harm and exploit others? In other words, standing up to bullies? This is evolution in process, a reinforcement of moral intuition and action in both conservative and progressive worldviews. But the issue for many has been, exactly how do we stand up to the bullies while loving them too?

One of Rose’s most unique and valuable teachings is “policing in love”— “to provide fearless and respectful actions towards another that helps them realize more fulfilling options.” The central premise to policing in love is to stop people from harming others by acting from our sense of compassion, not punishment. In other words, people who harm others are suffering too, and the most loving thing we can do for them is to stop them. We don’t have to harm them, but we do need to stop them if we can, and Rose is clear about the steps to take, including insuring our own safety.”[iii]

Charles Eisenstein again:

We are entering a space between stories. After various retrograde versions of a new story rise and fall and we enter a period of true unknowing, an authentic next story will emerge. What would it take to embody love, compassion, and interbeing?

The acclaimed philosopher and social reformer Rudolph Steiner said a century ago – so we really ought to get on with it now:

We must eradicate root and branch any fear and dread in our soul concerning the future that is coming towards us… We must develop composure with regard to all the feelings and sensations we have about the future; we must anticipate with absolute equanimity whatever may be coming towards us, thinking only that whatever it may be will be brought to us by the wisdom-filled guidance of the universe.

For “universe,” I like to read “Consciousness.”

To end, and to perhaps invigorate some excitement within you, Seth, perhaps the most influential channeled guide of recent times suggests, that in all of this tumultuous turmoil, you should not, “feel unimportant or insignificant.”

The framework [our physical reality] is so woven that each particle is dependent upon every other. The strength of one adds strength to all. The weakness of one weakens the whole. The energy of one recreates the whole. The striving of one increases the potentiality of everything that is, and this places great responsibility upon every consciousness.

… Rising to challenges is a basis for existence in every aspect of existence. It is the developer of all abilities and at the risk of being trite, it is the responsibility of even the most minute particle of consciousness to use its own abilities, and all of its abilities to the utmost. Upon the degree to which this is done rests the power and coherence of everything that is.[iv]

So have faith in your Self, your creational abilities, and the feelings and impulses that guide your actions as you ride the rollercoaster of our collective shift in consciousness.

Consider the natural principles in all that you do and these exciting times, along with President Trump, will be remembered with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.

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[i] An emotional-signal is a special kind of feeling that signals the onset of an emotion. Explained in my book It’s About You! Know Your Self.

[ii] Ennis, M. Elias session 20161109-1.

[iii] Go to for more about Joanne and Rose.

[iv] Roberts J. The Early Sessions: Book 1 of The Seth Material. Manhasset, NY: New Awareness Network Inc.: 1997, pp. 229/230.

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