In my last post (Will Trump trump Brexit?) I said, “It doesn’t matter who’s elected [as President]. What crucially matters is that we take heed of the psychic communications encapsulated by the feelings and emotions the events stir up within each of us.” Now that Trump has the Presidency, there are now two feelings, backed by a flooding of emotional energy, at the forefront of your mind—steering the focus of your imagination. These are fear and excitement—perhaps in equal proportions—but whatever your allegiances, fear will be the first to wrestle with your attention.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re not an admirer of Trump, a Democrat or Republican, an American national or otherwise, white, black, brown, or purple, male or female, straight or gay, in a minority or a majority, informed or uninformed, interested or apathetic—you will be experiencing a surge of emotional energy originating from the very depths of our collective unconscious. If you can’t sense it at all, you might want to check if you’re dead. If you’re getting it, what matters now is how you channel that neutral energy resource—through actions activated by fear, or by excitement.

Emotional energy is a facet of Consciousness or Source Energy. Emotions are independent configurations of energy that begin their growth with complete neutrality. That is, they are an energy resource to assist you in creating physical actions; but they require direction—a set theme that underpins any actions you decide to undertake. In other words, emotional energy has no label at its outset, it is not positive or negative; as it enters your conscious mind it is assigned to a theme of actions by your mind as it assesses an event in the physical world. It is your mind, in association with your thoughts and beliefs, that directs how your emotional energy should be expressed and what theme that expression will take.

In essence, there are only two themes of expression. One that will lead to a positive progression of events (however retrograde they may appear to be on the surface) and one that will lead to negative feckless actions or total inaction. Positive progression comes from actions that reflect the vitality and driving force of Consciousness—what I and others refer to as Divine Love. Inactivity and ill-conceived actions indicate an absence of this spiritual force, revealing a mind enslaved to a theme of fear.

Actions that stem from fear will not affect the status quo and, because of the arising frustration, often lead to violence. Fear of an imagined future for you, the individual, will cause you to re-act, in an habitual fashion that is often motivated by additional feelings of anger and resentment. This in turn stirs up feelings deep within the collective unconscious of humanity’s psyche, feelings laid down by countless lifetimes spent in service, servitude, subjugation, isolation, and ignorance—the feelings we must dissipate within each of us if we are to evolve as a response-able species on our mother Earth—powerlessness, unworthiness, and undeservingness.

Elias (channeled by Mary Ennis) urges us to not view Trump’s Presidency in black and white terms, as it incites reactiveness. The present situation may seem black and white (on many levels) but in actuality there are, as yet unperceived, many (though probably not 50), shades of grey. It is in the individual’s best interests not to be reactive and “not move in a direction of urgency.” In other words, be patient.[i] When referring to the possibility of an explosion of reactions in relation to President Trump’s proposed new legislations (abortion, walls, etc.), Elias has this to say:

This is not what this one individual [Trump] wants [explosive reactions]. That is not the point. It is not about his opinions and his individual directions. It is about the collective and that your country [USA] is so polarized and it is so divided. The gains that you have generated in what you term to be civil liberties, they will not easily be given up. [If Trump attempts to push against these hard-won liberties] then it is likely that you will generate your internal [personal] explosions, for that will generate significant conflict. [ii]

According to Elias, the main issue underpinning this globally encompassing political mass event is “that division, that separation, that polarization that stems from the absolute non-acceptance of difference.” We just need to get used to the fact that within the Oneness of human consciousness there are different expressions of it. Each individualized consciousness (such as you and I) is equally powerful, worthy, and deserving of expression. You would not exist if this were not the case.

The thing that Trump supporters have missed in choosing him as their President (thinking that here is someone who will champion the right for anyone to choose the manner and direction of their life) is that Trump does not include within his egoic mind even a smidgen of magnanimity. Trump personifies true little-ego selfishness. Empathy for another person on their own differing path to freedom of choice does not enter his thinking. “Trump wants things to be the way he wants them for him, not for anybody else.” If he cannot make a shift in his own consciousness toward a more altruistic frame of mind, then it will not take long before even his most staunch supporters perceive him differently.

Elias goes on to explain that now the race has been won, now that Trump isn’t pandering to an audience and getting drunk on its power, “he transitions into a different theater.” A theater where all the other actors upon its stage are equally important in the deliverance of the play. He no longer has an audience in this new theater. An empty auditorium cannot fuel him. In this theater, on this stage, “he is not king.” What we really need to bear in mind is the collective mindset of the people who put him into this new theater. The “tremendous polarization” within the American people’s psyche at present has the potential to explode into high drama—and it is this collective psychological schism that must be addressed if we are to ease our way through humanity’s shift in consciousness.

The Canadian astrologer Bill Attride, in reviewing Trump’s Natal Chart, finds astrological evidence that suggests an alarming instability in his energies. He looks upon “feelings (and women) with great distrust because they are for him so unpredictable and unknowable.”

Wouldn’t you just like to have been the proverbial fly on the wall of the Oval office when Theresa May sat down for a chat with Donald? Bill Attride continues:

By being dismissive of and not in touch with his feeling nature, he will swing wildly between his peripatetic [wandering] intellect and chaotic emotions. His thoughts will lack true empathy and compassion; his emotions uninformed by his reason. Trump may remain divided within himself. He will sow doubt and confusion, he will often promise and not deliver. It has been noted that many of the actions and overreactions that Trump has displayed in his public life seem to conform to the classic behaviors associated with narcissistic personality disorder. [iii]

Long before Trump ran for the Presidency, I always felt that an obvious sign of narcissistic tendencies was his inordinate need for a combover. Any man that has taken some time for a little Self-examination, has done some work on balancing his intellectual acumen with his intuitive senses, and is happy with the overall expression of his personality, knows that baldness does not detract from the beauty within.


Okay, so if it’s not about Trump, how do I alleviate my very real fears over what he’s doing and align my responsive actions with Divine Love?

[i] Patience is one of the Natural Principles. It is not to do with simply waiting and doing nothing—patience is an action in itself, one that reflects deeply held trust in your creative abilities. If you feel impatient, you are allowing your ego-self to interfere with the natural flow of your creative energies working in “natural time.” Impatience is a symptom of your ego-self’s attempts to force an event outside of its natural timing.

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