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In-person at the Green Door Centre, Bosham, Nr. Chichester


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Price: £5.00
In the LIBRARY at The Green Door Centre, Bosham. Sunday, June 30th, 2024, 2pm to 4pm.

Chris invites you to an afternoon of magical musings on the most profound teachings found in the metaphysical literature on the nature of being human at this critical time.

Classical and contemporary channelled information from Seth (through Jane Roberts), Elias (Mary Ennis), and Bashar (Darryl Anka); to Abraham (Esther Hicks), Zac (Janet Treloar) and the Galayla Collective (Leanne Rose), will be explored in the context of our collective “shift in consciousness” and what this means for one’s own unique expression of consciousness.

Astrology—our first venture into metaphysical study—is also offered up as a practical way of keeping us informed of the higher cyclical influences acting upon our collective and personal circumstances. 2024 is a crucial, pivotal year for us all as we move through chaos into clarity, encouraged by Pluto’s full emersion into Aquarius come November 2024.

There will be revelations to discuss, to discover, and to keep us amused! Always remember, we are here (in physical reality) to have fun—ridiculous as this may seem at the moment! Be prepared to play as well as meditate and ruminate.

Do bring along your inner curiosity and any provocative questions you may have on the physical, the non-physical, and the spiritual realms. Bring a friend if apprehensive, but book here online so I can keep my eye on the numbers, as there is a deliberately limited capacity.

Our next Metaphysical Musings is on

Sunday, June 30th, from 2pm to 4pm.

Venue: The Library at The Green Door Centre, Main Road, Bosham, Chichester PO18 8PJ

Please use the form to book in advance—£5.

Tickets are £8 at the door – cash or card — if there are spaces available.

All manner of liquid refreshment is available – other than alcoholic beverages.

Entitled Metaphysical Musings, the group’s focus will be upon establishing a deeper understanding of our spiritual inheritance, fathoming the meaning behind the events of our shared 3D reality, and exploring the implications of our ongoing shift in consciousness.

It is hoped to eventually have a regular monthly in-person event at The Green Door Centre interspersed with an online webinar to accommodate those at a distance.

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