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NewWorldView Education is a new learning platform that aims to play its part in a radical reformation of the Western educational system.

To educate (from the Latin educare) originally meant to ‘bring up, rear (as in care for)’ a person. It is related to educere, to ‘lead out.’ Western State-run educational systems have succumbed to a crude capitalistic amalgamation of these root terms, where to educate people means literally to ‘lead them out.’ Most of us are thus led out at the end of our formal years in education into the world of jobs, commerce, and careers.

Generally speaking, the present education system begins to care for us at nursery level. In the schooling context, ’care for’ means our innate talents are encouraged to blossom under the natural principles of acceptance, compassion, openness, creativity, and cooperation. Slowly, as we progress through middle-schooling to around 10 or 11 years of age, the caring is largely eroded by a regimented conformity of learning, governmentally imposed, that fits within the existing body politic. Creativity is stifled as we are taught to absorb and process as much information as is required for us to “join the workforce” of productivity. Fundamental emotional considerations, prerequisites for mental health when joining the workforce—a sense of fulfilment, a degree of satisfaction, supportive appreciation, a sense of belonging, and dare I say, a feeling of contentment—are often set aside by employers seeking to fill a position and by the individual themselves as the primary drive for financial independence takes precedence.

This archaic management of the State schooling system is now beginning to dissolve as influences from independent educational platforms (such as Waldorf Education) gain recognition and viable alternatives become known in the media. Finland is an example nation that has totally reformed its traditional system into an extraordinarily successful, modern, egalitarian one.  The notion of caring for students educationally and personally is a central principle in its schools. The original meaning of the word ‘educate’ – bring up and care for the individual – now underpins the entire Finnish way of life. Rather than ‘lead out’ a person, it’s more a case of ‘drawing out’ (from within) a person’s unique capacities for this life, so that their well-being contributes to the collective well-being of all.

In this vein that reaches our heart’s intelligence, NewWorldView Education presents a set of Guiding Principles founded upon a broad metaphysical viewpoint on the nature of our existence within the multi-layered dimensions of Consciousness. A new worldview more befitting the coming Aquarian Age for humanity.

Below is our first offering on a path of educational reform. We aim to offer a transformative experience for the individual which encompasses a deeper appreciation of one’s profound importance to the Whole. Seth is our guide as we move into a greater shared understanding of our interconnection to all life and the Kosmos:

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Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation

Seth Revealed On Demand is a comprehensive overview of the 46 books by Seth and Jane Roberts that provides a practical, easy-to-follow introduction to Seth’s core ideas and transformative exercises.

Originally a popular live course for participants around the world, you can now experience it at your own pace—at any time, on any smartphone, tablet, or computer—and enjoy the same safe and comfortable environment for exploration!

This unique learning experience provides eight (8) 2-hour prerecorded class sessions, eight (8) MP3 downloadable audio podcasts of each class, individual MP3s of each exercise and psy-time, access to our private Community Forum, and supplemental resources to foster deep, transformative insights and personal growth.

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