Announcing the publication of my new eBook on Amazon Kindle on June 27th. It will be priced at $4.99 on publication – however, when I return from vacation on July 2nd, I shall run a promotional campaign which will include a 5-day period where the eBook will be free. No prizes for guessing where I’ve been on vacation!

How to be in Divine Love: 10 Natural PrinciplesThe primary aim of this book is to help get you through humanity’s “shift in consciousness.”

The fact that you are reading this suggests that it’s doubtful you haven’t heard about this so-called “Shift,” but whether you’ve heard about it or not, it’s likely you’ll ask yourself, “What’s it got to do with me?”

The Shift is a psychological Mass Event that will eventually affect everyone. It is an evolutionary transition within the collective psyche of the human race. That is, the psychological patterning that we consensually adhere to, on who we are and what we do as a sentient life form, is in transition. The Shift is happening right now, and its influence is accelerating.

We are becoming aware that we truly “create our own reality,” both on a personal basis and collectively, and are changing the psychological aspects of our perceptions in accordance with this realization.

This book will help you to come to terms with our collective shift in consciousness.

Importantly, it will begin the process of preparing you for the more traumatic incidents associated with this mass event. Most importantly, this book will aid you in managing the affects the Shift is having upon your personal well-being.

How can it do this?

Listed within this book are a set of principles. They provide you with an ethical and vital code by which to live your life. I refer to them as the “Natural Principles,” as they are derived from the natural forces, the “laws of the inner universe,” that drive everything in existence—All That Is (Consciousness).

The Second Natural Principle: Accept & Allow.

The Second Natural Principle: Accept & Allow.

The Natural Principles are not a set of laws or commandments from on high; they are a purified set of behavioral guidelines—mental behavioral guidelines—unadulterated by institutional dogma. Familiarity with the Principles will initiate within you an intimacy with certain mental “states of being.” These mental states open the gates for intuitive information to flow freely between your Essence self and your conscious-mind and ego-self.

Like the “Law of Attraction,” the Natural Principles are at the heart of the vital force that drives the Universe, Consciousness – and your consciousness.

They are the integral, intimate nuances that compose the vital power of “Divine Love.” We have simply disconnected ourselves from their nurturing embrace.

As you become practiced in the Natural Principles, adhering to them as much as you can on a moment to moment basis, you will become less fearful, more self-assured, and trusting of your innate capabilities, thereby attracting to you the experiences you prefer.

Here are the benefits of reading this book (more than once!) and assimilating its content:

  • A deeper understanding of the spiritual principles that govern the nature of your reality.
  • A set of behavioral norms for ensuring a healthier way of living for yourself and others.
  • A greater sense of interconnectedness with others and nature.
  • A more relaxed, less anxious, and less stressful lifestyle.
  • The initiation of a conscious awareness of your life’s “intent and purpose.”
  • Raised self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence.
  • The alleviation of chronic physical symptoms.

When you begin to automatically respond and live by the Natural Principles, you will become better in touch with your Essence self and its knowledge of your life’s intent and purpose. You’ll intuitively begin to understand why you are here and what you are here to do—for yourself and for others, as we ride our collective shift in consciousness together.

When you are able to respond to any situation in accordance with the Natural Principles without having to think about them, you will be in Divine Love.

10 Natural Principles


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