Ebola – the new Black Death

Originating in Asia, the Black Death was an epidemic that became a pandemic in China, the Middle East, and Europe between 1346 and 1353. Generally known as “The Great Plague” at the time, the bacterium responsible was carried by fleas that infested the fur of the common black rat, which in turn infested the habitats and settlements of humans. The fleas feed on blood and pass on the pathogen as they do so.

Responsible for the deaths of perhaps 100 million people of a world population of around 450 million, this “mass event” was a classic example of a globally shared experience meant to awaken medieval humanity to the need for change.

It was one of the first “mass events” instigated at a higher level of consciousness designed to produce a cognitive shift (changes in the way we think) in the collective mind of our species.

Imagine yourself for a moment being at this higher level of consciousness that prompted this mass event

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