As the much-hyped SARS-CoV-2 pandemic moves through December and into the New Year of 2021, this mass event continues to bring our attention to a variety of questionable beliefs we’ve glorified as “truths” in the collective Western mind. This post focuses upon the highly polarising subject of vaccinations, a medical intervention most now obediently accept as being of benefit to the overall health of our species. I do not intend to be drawn into the dualistic debate on the scientific minutiae that “proves” the benefit or otherwise of the procedure, but simply highlight some metaphysical messaging on the subject that presents a broader view of the nature of viruses—seen as it were, from a more enhanced level of consciousness, unconfined by our mesmerising space-time continuum. It is a metaphysical perspective that may produce a “metanoia moment” for the reader—literally a change of heart on the matter that will prompt some careful thinking, or better still, a little meditation on what your heart and body-consciousness have to say about taking any hurriedly produced vaccine.

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The World Health Organisation, a large majority of medical practitioners, the pharmaceutical industry, most governmental bodies in the West, and both mainstream and social media platforms, would have us believe that life cannot get back to a semblance of “normality” until we have all been vaccinated against covid-19. And “all” could mean the entire world population.

At the root of this “everyone must be vaccinated” proclamation is an insidious assumption that emanates from a deeply flawed scientific belief—that we are separate from the physical, objective, outside reality and have nothing to do with its creation.

Intensifying this naive belief is another equally deceptive one from Charles Darwin’s legacy—that every living thing, from the macroscopic human to the microscopic virus, is in constant competition for survival. “Survival of the fittest” (coined by Herbert Spencer and later adopted by Charles Darwin)1 has become a truism that still underpins and undermines our modern scientific view of the natural world. The longer it remains entrenched within our collective unconscious, the longer it will take to elevate our thinking to a level required for us to address the ecological crises we are now facing.

Viruses in general

In my last post of September 28th, Coming Out of Covid: Crucial Considerations, I included a quote from Charles Eisenstein which contained this snippet of wisdom in regard to viruses in general:

I won’t go into the science here, and it is quite controversial, but viruses, even the dangerous ones, can also serve positive roles. For example, some people argue that traditional childhood illnesses like measles, mumps, and chicken pox gave the immune system a challenge that helped it develop, and even precipitated leaps in cognitive and emotional development. This idea receives ridicule today because of its association with the highly polarised vaccine issue, but when we stop looking at self as a separate individual and stop looking at nature as a vast competition, and instead embrace a relational, ecological self and see the role of symbiosis and cooperation in nature, then we are no longer disposed to see viruses only as enemies.”2

Charles Eisenstein

The war rhetoric we hear from governments and health organisations when speaking about the SARS-CoV-2 virus derives from antiquated, “old story” ways of thinking on dealing with a challenge. These old ways of thinking stem directly from the above-mentioned belief in the survival of the fittest—”we must fight the virus on all fronts,” “we must conquer this thing that’s attacking us,” “we must resolve to overcome this evil force of nature”—as Boris Johnson constantly reminds us. Such language is designed to stir a Churchillian determination within us in the face of adversity—while bypassing the fact that the adversities we are enduring are of our own collective making.

Apportioning blame (in this instant placing it with the virus) is another indicator of the lack of understanding on how we co-create our reality and that “negative” creations hold deep psychological clues to the problematic beliefs behind its manifestation.

The competitive language of the corporate world and consumer driven economic platforms is a product of our misguided belief about the nature of competition. Competition exists to drive our creative impulse to excel in what we do. It is not about ‘winners and losers’—although this is what we now believe of the concept.

The principle of cooperation exists to illustrate the fact that expressing our creativity can be enhanced and accelerated by combining our imaginative energies with others. This is seen in the natural world through symbiosis. Cooperation is a “law of the inner universe,” a natural (all of Nature) principle, and as such will always trump the human concept of competition.

Now let’s take a closer look at what Seth has to say about the practice of inoculations and viruses in general:

When you consider epidemics to be the result of viruses, and emphasize their biological stances, then it seems that the solutions are very obvious: You learn the nature of each virus and develop an inoculation, giving [each member of] the populace a small dose of the disease so that a man’s own body will combat it, and he will become immune.3

Seth - channeled by Jane Roberts. (See note 3 for source.)

This falls in with what our scientists have done in respect of a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2. Scientists working in labs around the world have been working diligently to identify the “biological stance” of the virus before cleverly using a “spike protein” from it to stimulate the body’s natural immune response when injected. However, as Seth explains below, by rushing (skipping normal safeguard procedures for vaccine development)4, 5 to produce a vaccine that may save a few thousand lives of those most at risk in the short-term, there is a very real danger of many thousands of lives lost in the long-term not only to adverse reactions to an inoculation, but also to other serious conditions going untreated, and lives lost through suicide, domestic violence, and public protests (of one kind or another) due to the autocratic lockdown measures. Seth (bold is my emphasis):

The short-sightedness of such procedures is generally overlooked because of the definite short-term advantages. As a rule, for example, people inoculated against polio do not develop that disease. Using such procedures, tuberculosis has been largely conquered. There are great insidious variables operating, however, and these are caused precisely by the small framework in which such mass epidemics are considered.

In the first place, the causes are not biological. Biology is simply the carrier of a “deadly intent.”[6] In the second place, there is a difference between a virus produced in the laboratory and that inhabiting the body—a difference recognized by the body but not by your laboratory instruments.

In a way the body produces antibodies, and sets up natural immunisation as a result of, say, inoculation. But the body’s chemistry is also confused, for it “knows” it is reacting to a disease that is not “a true disease,” but a biologically counterfeit intrusion.

To that extent—and I do not mean to overstate the case—the body’s biological integrity is contaminated. It may at the same time produce antibodies also, for example, to other “similar” diseases, and so overextend its defences that the individual later comes down with another disease.3

Vaccines in general

We now know that the vast majority of those affected by SARS-CoV-2 recover due to the care and attention of health care workers of course, but more importantly due to the individual’s own ability to stave of the virus through their natural immune responses. Hence the promotion of natural interventions that promote a healthy immune system such as Vitamin C and D supplementation.

Most of us remain oblivious to the notion that we each subconsciously invite the experience of illness (and death itself) through unconscious psychic intents. A minor physical ailment such as a cold or flu, for example, can be a psychic intervention designed for us to take a few days off from the stress of a current situation.

Baby with remote
man carrying baby

Being born is an act of spiritual intent set in motion by our Essence self. Dying (or “transitioning”) is also instigated by our Essence self—as only it knows and appreciates the deeper reasoning and timing for the physical self’s exit from a lifetime.

Like a birth, every death is imbued with meaning—both from the viewpoint of our personal Essence self, and from the perspective of the expansion and learning of human consciousness.

Seth elaborates:

Now, no person becomes ill unless that illness serves a psychic or psychological reason, so many people escape such complications [from an inoculation]. In the meantime, however, scientists and medical men find more and more viruses against which the population “must” be inoculated. Each one is considered singly. There is a rush to develop a new inoculation against the newest virus. Much of this is on a predictive basis: The scientists “predict” how many people might be “attacked” by, say, a virus that has caused a given number of deaths. Then as a preventative measure the populace is invited to the new inoculation.3

So, when taking a single vaccination, for most people there is unlikely to be a personal psychological “reason” for experiencing an adverse reaction.

However, we need to remain globally vigilant when monitoring any new drug intervention programme, as our collective human psyche will inform us if a practice needs to be seriously reconsidered by manifesting a highly negative reaction somewhere around the globe. An example of this can be found in the Japanese approach to vaccinations following a significant adverse reaction from the combined MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine given to children in the early 1990s.

Many are now aware of the infamous mortality “predictions” from SARS-CoV-2 emanating from the Imperial College research group headed by Professor Neil Ferguson of March 20, 2020 (original report) using “epidemiological modelling.” While we might dismiss the report as simply a flawed statistical analysis stemming from woefully little data at the time, what cannot be ignored is the psychological impact such scientific inexactitude has on the general population.

Scientific advancement since the end of WWII in technology, medicine and computers has led us to revere and place our trust in those in the sciences. We forget that scientists, like most of us, are ignorant of the affects our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have on the creation of a physical event. Apocalyptic predictions for mortality from a new disease from a ‘trusted’ person of science, inevitably produces an epidemic of fear in a populous where the fear of death is already endemic. Fear induces panic—that is, a panic within our normal thought processing. Fear eradicates reasoned argument and obscures our vision of the broader canvas of possibilities. We become transfixed by the primal fear of survival at all costs (literally—as illustrated by many Western economies).

Seth continues our education on the futility of placing our faith in vaccination programmes:

(Emphatically:) Many people who would not get the disease in any case are then religiously inoculated with it. The body is exerted to use its immune system to the utmost, and sometimes, according to the inoculation, overextended [under such] conditions. Those individuals who have psychologically decided upon death will die in any case, of that disease or another, or of the side effects of the inoculation.3

Seth - channeled by Jane Roberts

Sobering or perhaps shocking as this information may appear to be, in the above passage Seth hits upon the primal subject that intrudes upon our appreciation and enjoyment of life—death, or “transitioning” as I prefer to call the process by which our personality returns to Essence. The subject of death, along with the beliefs and fears surrounding its significance in our overall existence as principally spiritual beings, will require a great deal of serious examination (both objectively and subjectively) in the coming months and years as we come to terms with the various forms of indoctrination we’ve submitted to over the centuries.

Our current (and accelerating) shift in human consciousness requires us to change the way we think about a great many things. Especially those subjects that are to do with our spirituality. The way we think is intimately linked to the beliefs we hold. And it is the beliefs we hold, individually and en masse, that determine the perceived reality of our physical world.

Realisation of the truth of this statement will eventually lead to what the British Astrologer Pam Gregory describes as “the birth of a New Consciousness.” That is, a new expression of human consciousness, one that will herald a conscious awareness of our inner, intuitional senses and how these can better inform our logical, reasoning minds. This in turn will allow us a greater understanding of how we form our realities from the psychological building blocks of thoughts, feelings, and emotions and how these psychical energies rest precariously on the shifting sands of our core beliefs.

Humanity’s New Consciousness will in fact be an evolutionary blend or balancing of our intellectual faculties for logic and reason (left brain-based thinking and planning) with our intuitive inner senses for myth and imagination (right brain and heart-based inspiration and creative intuiting).

The “shift” in our consciousness is toward a more balanced, less fearful, more contemplative system of response to the reality we see before us.

The SARS-CoV-2 year-long mass event marks a multi-layered, multidimensional awakening to the malevolent Western approach to the subject of how humans express themselves in the physical domain. The event has brought up deep-seated psychological problems within our consensus belief systems that must be addressed if our species is to evolve and naturally prosper—in tandem with all other life forms.

Gender, racial, species, and spiritual inequality has been brought to our attention. Our relationships with our loved ones, not so loved ones, and with the planet, have been spotlighted. The political and economic structures in our lives have been shown to be unfit for the purposes of egalitarian wealth distribution. And we now have the much-revered Goliath of medical science in abject confusion over how to deal with the David of SARS-CoV-2.

Vaccinations: a metaphysical conclusion


einstein - different level of thinking

On this last issue, science is beginning to learn that by separating ourselves from the oneness of nature we have also separated ourselves from the psyche of Gaia and the metaphysical workings of the universe. Simply put, we have narrowed our ability to solve co-created problems to the unimaginative, rigidly objective confines of scientific methodology. Our creativity and imagination are thus compromised by unchallenged assumptions and beliefs about the task ahead, which, along with the paralysing effects of fear, prevents us from solving the problem at a different level of thinking to that which produced it (apologies to Albert Einstein).

According to Seth it would seem we have just to trust in our inner self’s guidance on whether to be vaccinated or not. If we thoroughly believe that the process will be of benefit to us, then it will be. If we have an adverse reaction even though we felt it right for us to go ahead, then this would be an indicator from our inner self that we have some underlying beliefs that need addressing on the subject of our health. If we believe and trust in the health of our natural immune response mechanisms, then we will also be fine. Of course, if we then go on to contract the illness and suffer from it considerably, then again, we have some underpinning belief issues about our health that need addressing.

As always, the reality we create for ourselves post any inoculation or otherwise reflects our currently held beliefs. Our inner self will ultimately decide if we have beliefs to deal with whichever route we take, or whether it is our time to join others in a deathly declaration of the collective imperative for us to address our consensus beliefs on the way in which we lead our lives.

A final metaphysical word of encouragement

This blog post has timed itself to be ready for publication on December 21st—the day of the winter solstice. Astrology tells us that this solstice is a momentous one, as it celebrates the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. A time of new beginnings.

Reinforcing this idea of new beginnings and a new worldview for humanity, is the conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter which occurs on the same day as the solstice at 6.22pm (London time). “Coincidentally,” the declination of this conjunction takes place just four days after the longitudinal conjunction, on Christmas day for many of us—when the two planets appear as one bright star in the night sky. I’ll leave you to work out the coincidental event this might remind you of.

astrological chart

Zacharia (channelled by Janet Treloar), or Zac as he prefers to be called, reminded us all on a recent ‘transmission’ with Hazel Newton of another thing to consider on the subject of a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, specifically: that those who are locked in to extreme anxiety over the situation will have the anxiety lifted by the prospect of a vaccine that will help alleviate the possibilities of serious illness or death from the virus. The vaccine is a ray of hope for those in fear and will thus raise their vibrational level somewhat, away from the lower vibrational states of fear and depression.

A special trilogy of “sound immersion meditations,” also designed to raise our vibrational level at this momentous time in our evolution has been posted at Zac’s Patreon page:  

Zacs Patrons also have access to channelled meditations and Deep Dive ascension conversations (Zac/Zacharia is an aspect of Ascended Master Djwal Khul). This synopsis of Zac’s advice to us over the coming months is presented by Hazel Newton (after a little editing – bold emphasis is mine):

“In many ways, there is no preparation necessary. For it is happening. What I can tell you though, is how to make it easier. Easier to adjust and like a flower blooming to allow the new formation to, in essence, create a new you!”

It is important to welcome the changes and to occasionally repeat powerful mantras like this one…

“I accept and I welcome the change that is happening.”

…as this has a positive effect on our personal energy, which reverberates into the world around us. This goes way beyond the physical.

“Your acceptance and welcoming in of the change within you, sends out a resonance, far more than a ripple, more like a tsunami of light to everything that you are connected with. You can accept it and you can welcome it all too. You may find opportunities over the next period of time, with the big winter solstice event on the 21st of December, also there are many other events in between and coming up after. Do not be too fixated on the date. Do not be too fixated on what you need to say or do in a practical matter, how you respond to stimuli that is all around you. This action is all happening within. Any time you feel any piece of doubt, go into your heart, any piece of joy, go into your heart, everything that you do go into your heart.

So live, live, live, live, live because you are humans. Still be out in the world. If you want, still hug your children, still take your dog for the walk and still go to a beauty spot, still do your Christmas shopping. All of this is allowing the potential for the Super-nature of all of this cuboid of the universe to come to light, for so much to come to light!

So, stay in your light my dear friends. Stay in your light and know that you are “creating a future worth creating!” Zac.

To end this missive, here is a poignant quote for our times from the works of Henry Thomas Hamblin7:

What is true of the individual is true of nations; and what is true of nations is also true of the world. Before a great step forward, and before a great influx of Light, there is always a time of travail and darkness… the man or woman of faith and understanding looks upon it as a stage of experience which has to be worked through and as a prelude to something infinitely glorious which is about to be born.

H.T. Hamblin


1 For an elaboration on this fundamental belief assumption see The Theory of Evolution—a Confusion of Beliefs in Chapter 15 of It’s About You! Know Your Self. (pp. 196-199.)

2 Link to Charles Eisenstein interview:

3 The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book by Jane Roberts. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall Inc. Session 801, p. 21/22.

4 For elaboration on the conventional procedures for vaccine development go to the outlining of these at the start of a recent parliamentary debate:

5 The issue regarding vaccine transparency and thus properly informed consent on whether to be vaccinated is now being addressed by Transvac:

6 Intent is a directional force within and part of consciousness. A ‘deadly intent’ implies that this force is utilising the experience of physical death as part of the overall learning experience.

7 Henry Thomas Hamblin (1873-1958) came from a poor background to become an extremely successful businessman. All through his life Hamblin had experienced visionary experiences where he encountered a Divine Presence: “… It is not possible to describe such an experience,” he wrote. “All care, anxiety and fear vanished, and I felt that I was cradled in Divine Love…. The deep peace of the Eternal flowed through me like a river; yet at the same time it was as though I was being carried along on a stream of Divine Bliss…”

For more information on H.T. Hamblin go to

Link to British Medical Journal article on political corruption involved in vaccine development and testing:

Headline from above article (author: Kamran Abbasi, executive editor):

When good science is suppressed by the medical-political complex, people die.

Link to Dr. Joseph Mercola article on the political and scientific manipulation of the pandemic:

Link to recent video from Ivor Cummins on an alternative examination of the data now available on the SARS-CoV-2 mass event:

Alliance for Natural Health article:

Clip from the above article:

For many people, the problem isn’t just a lack of trust, it’s a lack of data. Scientists like Dr Tom Jefferson from Cochrane and Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence Based Medicine as well as Dr Peter Doshi, the BMJ associate editor, have long argued for full transparency of trial data to allow clinical trials by vaccine (and drug) makers to be independently analysed.

Finally, on a lighter note:

This is a link to a Bruce Lipton short video (6 minutes) extolling the virtues (not least to our immune system) of focusing on maintaining Divine Love as our state of being:

Click here for a freely downloadable PDF file of the above blog article.

Chris W.E. Johnson

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