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Welcome to Module 11

Beliefs, Love, and Fear.

In this penultimate module, we explore the mental environment leading up to the expectation threshold preceding the creation of your personal physical reality.

Our beliefs and systems of beliefs are the filters through which we perceive our reality, including the reality of our Self. As we are an expression of Consciousness imbued with the vitality of Divine Love, there is within us a will to love.

However, in the process of translating this vital energy through our beliefs, Divine Love’s all-embracing purity becomes lost in translation.  Our beliefs then dictate who and what we should love, and indeed, whether we should love our Self.

Fear comes into play when we are not trusting in our Self. Trust is a state of being. To achieve this state of being, we need to attune our mind to Divine Love through actions that reflect the Natural Principles. As trust in our Self is reestablished, fear dissipates.

KRIS:  Now it is a common understanding to think that certain beliefs or notions are holding you back. And there is a certain degree of truth in this. From our perspective, it may not be so much that it is the beliefs that are holding you back, as that you are holding on to the beliefs. Does that make sense to you?

~ Kris (channeled by Serge J. Grandbois – – The Power Of The Phoenix and Reality Creation #4 – January 30, 2017

Module 11 content:

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The article – Part 1 – takes you through the psychological sequence, or mental machinations, that occur prior to you creating a reality (physical form, event, or action) of preference. Your manifested reality becomes a reflection of how well-oiled your mental machinery is and provides clues as to what is causing deviation from the reality you were expecting (most often an interfering belief). (20-minute read, or 20-minute audio.)

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Here is a larger version of Figure 4, The Sequence of Mental Machinations, presented in Part 1 of the article.

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Mentioned in the endnotes of Part 1 is the document: Systems of Beliefs (15-minute read). This document provides you with a brief guide to Elias’s ten core “Systems of Beliefs.” It’s Elias’s attempt at categorizing the myriad beliefs we’ve grown from our patterns of thought on how to express our human consciousness. Our systems of beliefs are undergoing radical review as part of the collective shift in consciousness.

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The above document Systems of Beliefs uses an analogy, the Garden of Beliefs, to help explain the interrelationship between the thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and “truths” we sow and grow in the process of defining our personal worldview.

As a relaxing exercise (hopefully!) you’re asked to spend two or three hours drawing, or painting, or creating your own garden of beliefs. Your guidelines are provided by your imagination! Some ideas will come to you as you read through the Systems of Beliefs document.

Creating a pictorial representation of your Garden of Beliefs provides you with a visual reference for when doing a meditative exercise to clear a belief or two. In the final module, there is a guided meditation to help you clear the creepers of Duplicity (our predisposition to judge) from your garden.

Go to the RESOURCES PAGE for a time-lapse video of myself creating a recent painting of my own garden of beliefs.

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The article – Part 2  takes you through the relationship we have with Divine Love and how we translate this primal drive in the reality creation process. Human love is our best attempt at translation. This part of the article helps you to reinvigorate a love and trust of your Self—the key to healing and manifesting exciting and joyous experiences. (30-minute read, or 28-minute audio.)

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Mentioned in Part 2 is the notion of truth – which is a quality of existence that spans the multidimensional expressions of Consciousness. Ain’t That the Truth (15-minute read) is an addendum document explaining how your personal truths are still simply beliefs.

favicon size logoThe article – Part 3 – explains why fear is created. Fear often appears when we don’t understand something. We automatically fear something new before we get to understand and accept it. Indoctrination by scientific (Freudian theory) and religious (the sinful self) belief systems have made us fearful of our Self. Part 3 seeks to remedy the situation by giving you a better understanding of fear in relation to Divine Love and revitalize trust in your Self. (15-minute read, or audio)

Do please share your experiences with the practices and exercises and any questions that arise from the material in the Forum. You are always free to email if you would prefer to ask me something privately.

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In Module 12:

Module 12 brings all that you’ve learned together in celebration of knowing your Self and mastering Self-compassion, which is essentially to do with understanding your ego-self’s motivations (beliefs) and accepting and allowing for them as you begin to choose where to steer your energies in future.

Your Essence self provides you with a purposeful path of intent for you to follow during each lifetime, for you and it to gain maximum fulfillment and growth. Staying on this path requires knowing your Self so well that you undoubtedly love and trust your Self as you go about dealing with any fears your ego-self has generated from its beliefs.

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