Your Personal “Shift”

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time.
  • A feeling of generalized anxiety.
  • Feeling vulnerable for some reason unknown.
  • Lost all patience.
  • A feeling of loneliness, despite having plenty of friends and family.
  • Finding your relationships are becoming testy.
  • Sensing a distinct lack of direction or purpose to your life.
  • No sense of fulfillment from life.

If so, and particularly if more than one of the above resonates with your personal circumstances at the moment, then you are very likely to be picking up on, intuiting, tuning into, the collective shift in the consciousness of our species.

You are beginning to “get” that something major is happening, at a psychological level, to the way in which we humans express our being in the cosmos. In which case, I would suggest you stay and explore the potential benefits this website has to offer as you come to terms with our “Shift” and how it impacts your personal world.

Here is where you can change your Self in order to ride the waves of our collective shift.

The content, community, and services provided here can help you shift your own consciousness (your day-to-day view of life), so that you can negotiate our collective shift with as little personal angst or pain as possible.

On the Blog, I discuss the nature of mass events in relation to our collective shift and and how they may be of relevance to your own perception of reality. The underlying message contained within the manifestation of a major event needs to be taken into consideration as we go about deliberating upon and eventually drawing to us, our personal realities.

Our shift in consciousness needs you!

Changing our shared reality begins with the individual. We can only effect a change at a personal level ~ within our own Selves. You will need to look deeply into the areas of your life that you are not happy with, examine your beliefs, and dissipate the energy behind any that standout as problematic. This isn’t as easy as it reads.

Many problematic beliefs are protected or disguised by your ego-self as being “truths,” which are not open to change. With help, these can be uncovered, examined for their appropriateness, and addressed if necessary. This is an on-going process for us all and is a process that will become part of our behavioral habits post-shift. It will become part of the process, part of the work, of being a post-shift individualized expression of human consciousness.

Once you have addressed any problematic beliefs, then their energy can be given over to those thoughts and beliefs that excite your passions. Your passions are to do with the intent and purpose of your life. By constantly monitoring and addressing to your beliefs you will be better able to live your purpose and enjoy a fulfilling life. It may take some time, but this process will change your perception of reality and thus the reality that you attract to yourself.

This website, along with its content and OFFERINGS, aims to facilitate this process for you.


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For detail on the intent and purpose of the Blog and how it can help you understand your personal shift, click HERE.

In gratitude and appreciation of your personal efforts,

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