My thanks for everyone’s support during 2015. I trust that 2016 will bring you more fulfillment, more joyous moments, and a greater understanding of your Self in relation to our quickening shift in consciousness.

I have at long last managed to put everything together for the launch of my Mastery of Self-compassion Course. I will be opening registration on Monday, January 4th.

Mastering Self-compassion is the key to living a purposeful, fulfilling life, and is all about befriending and being kind to your “ego-self.” If you are interested in joining the course, you will need to register your interest by subscribing to my list. Become a subscriber in the box at the foot of the column to the right.


Here are the topics explored in the first six months of the course that might just tweak your interest:

  • In Your Beginning – A new creation myth to explain Consciousness and more importantly, your consciousness. The “intent” of Consciousness – to learn and expand through experience. (Which is the same for you!)
  • Being in Divine Love – How to be in this primal “State of Being” through adoption of the “Natural Principles.” Reconnecting you to Divine Love.
  • Human Intent – Reconnecting humanity to the Power of Divine Love. Understanding the differing “colors” of human intent.
  • The Families of Intent – Referred to by Seth and other metaphysical sources as “The Families of Consciousness.” Exploring the nuances of the human intent families. Discovering your personal intent, and thereby, your directional purpose for this lifetime.
  • Your Spiritual Self – Getting to know your “Essence,” its emissary, your “inner self,” your “inner senses,” your true identity, and the subconscious “area” that interfaces with –
  • Your Physical Self – Getting to know your “ego-self” and understanding its foibles so that you can come to befriend it and treat it with compassion. Finding out about your current lifetime’s personality, the bio-electromagnetic facsimile of your ego-self that survives physical death!

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Have a great holiday time and I hope to be interacting with you in 2016.

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