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Vaccinations: The Clearer Metaphysical Perspective

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Coming Out of Covid: Crucial Considerations

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Covid-19: A Metaphysical Meta-Analysis

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  1. Joyce Kilmartin

    Hi, Chris. I just read your interesting blog posts with their many interesting insights on the pandemic and on vaccines. Thank you for posting them.

    I agree with most of what you wrote, but not that the development of the Covid 19 vaccines was rushed. In fact, mRNA technology has been in development for several decades and a vaccine was 95% accomplished when SARS was first on the scene. Fortunately, that didn’t turn into a pandemic.

    What I am most interested in, from the viewpoint of the pandemic as a “mass event” is to determine which political, sociological, and economic conditions caused this “mass suicide phenomenon” (as Seth put it) and what exactly the people who got sick and/or died were “protesting.” You mentioned several possibilities in your posts.

    Seth said the people involved were protesting “against the time in which they occur” and that they want their deaths to “serve a purpose.” I want to know what they are/were hoping to achieve.

    Personally, what bothers me a lot about the times in which we live is the us/them mentality that is so prevalent. There is a tendency to categorize people as “other” or even “enemy” and then to demonize them across the board, not just for particular things you disagree with them about.
    To me, it seems that there is an increase in self-centeredness and selfishness, as well as a lack of compassion for and understanding of differences and different opinions.

    So my hypothesis is that the pandemic may be a protest of these problems, which are affecting not just Americans, but many people and countries.

    I wonder if the intent that created the pandemic was an attempt to bring people back together in the face of a shared problem. After all, a pandemic affects everyone, everywhere—even if there are pockets where things never get too bad. The pandemic does not recognize differences in politics, geography, economic status, race, etc.
    I’d like to propose a different way to think about this –that the acceptance of vaccines could be viewed as an opportunity to look out for the wellbeing of others, not just oneself. Same with mask-wearing. Same with having consideration for the healthcare workers, teachers, and essential workers who have to deal with the fallout.

    I personally believe what Seth said about viruses becoming dangerous from the inside out. And I also believe that I form my own private reality. But for most people, myself included, it’s pretty hard to be unaffected by a lifetime of conditioning to the contrary. Look at Jane Roberts as an example of someone who knew enough, but still couldn’t change her health circumstances. And, of course, I don’t believe that I can create anyone else’s reality.

    Therefore, I have to, at this point, put stock in these words of Seth on the vaccine: “I am not recommending that you abandon the procedure when it obviously works for so many—yet you should understand why it brings about the desired results.”

    I’m not worried about taking the vaccine, because I do create my own reality. I am expressing my freedom just as much in agreeing to it as I would be in disagreeing to it. I do think, however, it makes sense at this time for as many people as possible to take the vaccine. It all depends in how you view it. I prefer to view it as an act of community-mindedness. I’m aware that this view has not caught on, however. I guess we’ll have to wait for an alien invasion to bring us all together 😉

    • Chris Johnson

      Hi Joyce

      Glad you appreciated the articles and yes, I should really have said the mRNA technology and resultant “vaccine” was rushed through the clinical trials contrary to the usual procedures, i.e. long term verification trials.
      The reasoning for this ‘rush’ was that Covid-19 was a particularly deadly virus, so ’emergency legislation’ was enacted to circumvent usual procedures on vaccination research and development.
      There are now a myriad scientific research papers with the statistics to back them up that show excess mortality rates were (since the start of the pandemic) insignificantly above normal expectations for winter respiratory illnesses such a influenza.
      We now know that the vaccine does not work in terms of providing longterm immunization (hence the ‘booster’ programs and further modifications about to appear from Pfizer and Moderna), or prevent the spread (nor too mask wearing), but they may well have alleviated the severity of symptoms in the elderly. Something however, that may also have happened with a natural approach (Vitamins C, D, Zinc etc., as seen in Nigeria, India, South Africa, and other countries) where the “vaccine” was not readily available.
      All to say, that yes, my take on what Seth is suggesting to us throughout The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events is that when we collectively manifest a mass event of such scale there are crucial psychical messages contained within the contagion!
      As you mention ‘selfishness’ (in the classical ego-self driven condition) is highlighted – a symptom of the belief that our individual selves are separate from All That Is (more importantly from Divine Love) – which we are learning only now is an impossibility!
      Many, many of our consensus beliefs (particularly the Core Belief Systems we share) are in crisis at the moment as we move (shift our consciousness) from the intellectual rationalizing mind of the ego-self (the modern worldview) to a more spiritually, heart-based, inner self awareness of how we form our reality through our beliefs, emotions, thoughts and feelings – our newly forming postmodern worldview. (It’s not so much about abandoning logic and reason, more about blending in this aspect of our physical mind with the intuitive inner senses of our inner self/Essence Mind.)

      Astrological readings suggest 2022 into 2023 will see a radical revolution in how we structure our belief systems – something that will be reflected in the physical world by the breakdown of political, educational, economic and corporate structures.
      For example, in Western politics the breakdown of the democratic system is glaringly evident, as totalitarianism is insidiously creeping in.
      We are in for one heck of a ride this year – particularly for the people of the United States (Pluto returns to its exact position in its Natal Chart of 1776). More on this here:

      Yes, it is all about choice. Choosing what your heart feels will work for you in this moment point. As mentioned above – its time to exercise our heart’s intelligence on such occasions. Altruistic reasoning reassures your ego-self that your choice is a sound one.
      My altruistic reasoning for not taking up the “vaccine” goes deeper into the issues mentioned by Seth. Issues to do with re-establishing a trust in our Self and our body-consciousness and reflecting this trust to others who have succumbed to the fear (generated by our current beliefs held by the status quo) – another subject that we have to come to terms with if we are to elevate the consciousness of our species!

      Thanks again Joyce, with love, Chris.


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