The Mastery of Self-Compassion Course

The online course based on Book I of the trilogy - It's About You! Know Your Self: A New Edition

The MS-C Course is currently under review and being reworked for a relaunch in September 2019 to coincide with the publication of the new edition of

It’s About You! Know Your Self

With a view to creating closer-knit communities of “class mates” – those that start at the same time and are thus naturally more at ease with sharing their experiences with their fellow journeyers – there are three periods within a calendar year when you can register for the Mastery of Self-Compassion Course.


These are the first two weeks of January (set a New Year’s resolution into motion), last week in April/first week of May (a Spring to action), and first two weeks of September (the classical start of learning in the academic calendar).


This page provides a brief guide on what the course has to offer you.


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Interested in joining the Mastery of Self-Compassion Course?

If you’re not a fan of reading through a whole bunch of text that might convince you or confuse you, here is a nutshell summary that cuts to the chase:

Here, briefly, is how you benefit from taking the course:

You get to know the fullest breadth of your Self—who you are—from your ego-self that’s trying its best to manage your physical reality, to your inner self and the Essence of you that is always there to guide your actions from its greater perspective in the spiritual realm.

You’ll discover your intent and purpose for this lifetime—the areas of learning your Essence would like you to explore—in other words, why you are here and why now.

You’ll get a clearer understanding of what you can do in your life that will bring you more moments of joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

You’ll clear your ego-self’s fearful feelings and self-belittling thoughts that prevent you from expressing fully your gifts and talents in the world.

You’ll be able to make sometimes difficult personal changes in a secure, supportive, loving, and respectful community of fellow pioneers.

Your personal “state of being” will shift to a level more attuned to that of Divine Love.

And you’ll thus be able to maintain a more balanced mental outlook that will help ease your passage through humanity’s collective shift in consciousness.

What exactly is involved?

The course structure and delivery is currently under review. The module contents are listed below.

Each module covers a key topic or two from my book and there are several different formats to help you absorb the information and act upon it.

Depending on the module’s topic, materials include:

An article (PDF download) of between 4000 and 7000 words with more graphics or image content that could not be included in the book—often split into two parts for ease of consumption. Downloadable audio (mp3) recordings for those who prefer to listen.

A concise “Say That Again in a Nutshell” PDF document for quick reference to a topic.

An Exercise (with an mp3 recording and PDF script where appropriate)—such as a guided meditation, energy balancing process, or creative art project to get those experiential juices flowing.

A ‘Further Resources’ page to help convey certain points and for follow up of a topic.

There will also be a closed Facebook community forum for participants to share their interpretations, exchange ideas, and ask questions as we progress.

Although I think I’ve covered most of what’s needed for course participants to get a good grasp of the material and to begin applying and living by its fundamental principles, I am also keen to keep things open to others’ ideas and suggestions on what additional content might be recommended for future course updates. Remember, as you learn from me, I will learn from you.

Here’s what a couple of graduates of the course had to say of their experiences:


It is very typical for me to question how I can do things in life differently, how can I think differently. And what is actually a thought? How do I produce it? How can I best serve the society? What is my influence out there?

The course that Chris designed gave me not just beautiful and detailed insight on how we humans function, but also why we struggle to grow in life. And most important, how to create realities that serve us and others best. Through the course study, work and guided meditations, and through some very creative works, I was exploring myself in depth. Understanding what our daily obstacles are, and why they occur, and how to deal with them, was explained in a way that I could use immediately. Through that I started to develop new skills—like routine meditation, which connected me to my precious inner ear. Using the Natural Principles became the basis for my daily functioning and I am continuously practicing the examination of my beliefs.

I admire Chris and his devotion to share his knowledge with anyone who has a desire to achieve balance between ego and inner self. His readiness to be here for students and to guide them and truly support them is absolutely priceless.


Richard A.

After I had read through several of the Seth books, some of them two or three times, I began to realize how far I was from grasping the material as a whole. I could understand subsets of the material, but there were so many books, so much complexity, interrupted with so many digressions, that the big picture eluded me. I had also read a little of some other channeled sources that seemed to me consistent with Seth, but I wasn’t really sure. I looked for help and eventually discovered Chris Johnson’s book It’s About You!: Know Your Self, and later his online Mastery of Self-Compassion course. Mr. Johnson has somehow managed to digest and understand and organize not just the Seth material but also other channeled material, integrated with wisdom from spiritual and metaphysical thinkers as well as from modern psychology and science. This project had to have taken a huge amount of time and effort, as well as great intelligence and insight. I am very grateful to Mr. Johnson for putting together these valuable (and perhaps unique) resources and I highly recommend them.

Here’s what you will learn:

Module 1:

Before Your Beginningexplores a new metaphysical creation myth that explains what Consciousness (God if you prefer the term) is, and more importantly, how your consciousness relates to capital C Consciousness. It covers different “areas” within Consciousness; the intent of Consciousness (which is the same for you) – to learn and expand through experience; the individuation of Consciousness; and how to ride our collective shift in consciousness. It has an introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and an exercise, using EFT, to make an immediate start on dealing with core issues.

Module 2:

How to be in Divine Love – Find out how you can attain this primal “State of Being” through reconnecting to the Natural Principles that express the vitality of Divine Love. The module explores a purer definition of Love; our will to love; our greatest fear; and how to eliminate fear. Includes the Touching Your Tone exercise. Your “tone” being the unique vibrational frequency of your Essence.

Module 3:

Intent: Your Personal Expression – Understanding the nuances of the Families of Human Intent and how they relate to you, the individual. Briefly alluded to in the Seth material as the Nine Families of Consciousness, this module explores the expansion of these Families in other metaphysical works. Learn which Families you “belong to” and are “aligned with”; about purpose and fate; and how you choose your intent Families. Includes an exercise to uncover your Family of alignment.

Module 4:

The Families of Intent – Further exploration of the Families of Human Intent. More help in discovering your personal intent, and thereby, your general directional purpose for this current lifetime. Includes an important EFT exercise, Tapping for Self-Worth, designed to quash the effects of an archetypal belief held by most people – that we are “unworthy” – of happiness, success, abundance, etc. There is also the start of an art exercise to create a depiction of your personal Mappa Mundi (worldview).

Module 5:

Your Spiritual Self – Getting to know your Essence, the spiritual center of your being; its emissary, your inner self; your true identity; and the subconscious “area” within your mind that acts as a place of connectivity between your spiritual self and your physical self. Includes an exercise on getting your ego-self to accept your inner self.

Module 6:

Your Physical Self – Get to know your ego-self and understanding its foibles so that you can befriend it and treat it with compassion. Find out about your current lifetime’s personality (hint: your ego-self and personality are not the same psychological “thing”); your perception; and how your personality continues to exist after physical death. Includes an exercise on reframing an unwanted behavior.

Module 7:

It’s All in Your Mind – Introduces you to your collective Mind; your conscious-mind; and the subconscious area within your mind. There’s a graphical representation of the whole Self; parallels to Jungian theory; and a guided meditation – Inner Healing.

Module 8:

Coming to Your Senses – Includes a review of Seth’s “basic laws of the inner universe”; the Law of Attraction; and your “inner senses.” Describes how exercising your Empathic, Conceptual, and Time-Based inner senses can prepare you for an easier ride through your personal, and our collective, shift in consciousness. Exercises to awaken your inner senses.

Module 9:

Feelings and Emotions – Learn how you process inner information; how feelings are different from emotions; how to deal with negative feelings; what happens when you’re in a mood; how to translate emotional language; and the futility of denying, rejecting, or repressing emotions.

Module 10:

Thinking is BelievingCovers exactly what a thought is – an independent form of energy; the contribution made by thoughts to the creation process; and habits of thought. Covers exactly what a belief is – an energy potential grown from a collection of thoughts; and the danger of truths. Exercises on utilizing your thoughts to feel good and replacing a negative belief with a positive one.

Module 11:

Beliefs, Love, and Fear – Covers what comes first in the creation of your reality; emotions in relation to beliefs; Elias’s Systems of Beliefs; and expectations – the baking of your reality. Explores human love and sexuality; the importance of loving your Self; and the quest for absolute truth. Reveals the truth about fear; a matter of trust; and how to defeat fear. Includes an art exercise to create your Garden of Beliefs.

Module 12:

You Create Your Own Reality – celebrates your completion of the Mastery of Self-Compassion Course. It covers the truth of metaphysics; the intricacies of creating your own reality; how knowing your Self is the first step to freeing your Self; and how important it is to awaken your inner senses and begin addressing any self-belittling beliefs you may have. There’s an addendum document on dealing with worrying and anxiety.

What will it cost me?

This is under consideration. Affordability and value fulfillment are key to the course being an enjoyable experience.

Your Guarantee:

I can only guarantee that my team of contributors and I are fully committed to teach, help, and support you on this course for as long as you remain on it. In actuality, only your commitment to do the work involved can guarantee the personal shift in consciousness this course can bring to your Self. In my book, I emphasize that it is a workbook – you really do need to do the work for your Self and apply the exercises and suggestions to your everyday life. The course work provides constant stimuli to help you get whatever work you need to do for yourself done. Believe me when I say that your ego-self will very likely find ways to undermine your commitment. Communicating with me and the community on the difficulties you face in keeping your commitment going is key to your eventual Self-graduation.

Where will the Mastery of Self-Compassion Course ultimately take you?

The course encapsulates all that I’ve learned on a 25-year journey of Self-discovery. It has brought me to a place of deep understanding of who I am, what my talents are, and how to use those talents in the service of others. My ego-self maintains a state of supreme self-confidence, born from the knowledge that when things get troublesome, it can call upon the wiser spiritual elements that make up my Whole Self of which it is a fully appreciated part. Total Self-confidence fosters a fearless self-expression which results in a more joy-filled, often magical, definitely fulfilling, life experience.

In short, I live without fear and closer to Divine Love.

I believe my Mastery of Self-Compassion Course, along with the aid of the conscientious community it spawns, will get you to where I am—hopefully, without taking the 25 years or more it took me! I look forward to your participation.

In gratitude and appreciation of you, Chris.

If you want to be reminded of when the new edition of Know Your Self is available and /or the course relaunch, click on this link button click here and register as a free “Subscriber” Member to get a newsletter reminder. Subscribers gain free access to more material relating to the MS-C Course found on the OFFERINGS page.

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