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While coming to terms with a personal life crisis in his early thirties Chris began studying channeled metaphysical literature, in particular, The Seth Material authored by Jane Roberts. A passion for psychology was aroused by his studies and so in 1994 Chris embarked on an academic study of the subject. By 1998, he had earned an Honours Degree in Psychology from the University of London and a Masters Degree in Organisational and Occupational Psychology from the University of Surrey.

Since 2000, he has run Counselling for your Self, a complementary therapeutic practice that adopts an “integral approach,” which combines his academic knowledge of psychotherapeutic approaches with his expertise in alternative procedures such as Energy Psychology techniques and guided meditation. Following his training under Dr. Brian Weiss in 2007, he added Past Life Regression Therapy to his therapeutic arsenal.

Chris has presented internationally on his interpretations of metaphysical knowledge since 2003. He developed a series of experiential workshops, first rolled out in the autumn of 2009, specifically designed to bring others a fuller appreciation of their “Self” and their life’s intent and purpose.

In 2010 Chris became a Principal Instructor for NewWorldView. NewWorldView aims to establish an educational platform for those people wishing to find clarity on who they are and why they are here. It also aims to provide a sanctuary for the alleviation of any personal mental anguish or confusion arising from this era of significant change in the collective psyche of humankind (the so-called “shift in consciousness”). He played a crucial role in their online courses entitled “Seth Revealed” through 2011 and 2012 – a foundational in-depth study of the compiled works of Seth and Jane Roberts, designed and presented by Paul and Joanne Helfrich.

Front-cover-Know-Your-Self1His first book, Know Your Self, in a trilogy entitled It’s About You!, was published in 2013. Working with information provided by various channelled guides, Know Your Self explores the breadth of the structure of your Self, IACCW badge for websites_2from the identity of your Essence self or
soul, to the constantly fearful ego-self that so often stymies the full expression of who you are. Know Your Self is a book that also reveals the true nature of the tools you use to create your reality – your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions.

Chris is a member of The Scientific and Medical Network.

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