In the grander scheme of things, covid-19, like any seemingly negative experience that appears to simply ‘happen to us’ through chance, is in actuality an event of great benefit to us all. I’m aware that this statement is difficult, if not impossible to accept if a loved one has recently succumbed to the virus and returned their personality’s attention to the nonphysical plains of existence. However, my promise is that by the end of this somewhat lengthy post, whether directly affected or not, you will come away with a keener understanding of this co-created mass event, a deeper appreciation of those that have left us during such mass events, and perhaps even transmuted any fearfulness into a feeling of excitement for our immediate future.

When I started this Blog back in the December of 2015 its aim was to bring the reader a greater awareness of the deeper psychological issues that bring about the creation of an undesired reality—whether a personal reality, or one that we collectively co-create.

My reason for starting it came when re-reading a Seth book entitled The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events1. The Seth material had already made me aware that we are currently living in an era of profound “change” in the evolution of our species. Specifically, a change in the very foundation, or “vibrational frequency,” of humanity’s collective consciousness. The Nature of Mass Events book provides a deeper wisdom on why we create undesirable realities for ourselves during times of change.  

Smiling MabelSeth’s projection of the probable end time for this particular (there will be others) shift in our consciousness was around the year of 2075. I know, a bummer, if like me you’ve waved goodbye to 55! But for our new millennium children, in particular those being born right now, 2075 will be a time when they will be in peak physical and mental acuity, able to contribute their unique talents to a world far advanced in its spiritual connectivity and its physical interconnectivity.

Seth teaches us that any changes to the reality we experience begin “first” in the psyche. The psyche being an indescribable “area” within consciousness where each of us has a room within a 7.8 billion roomed (extending as we speak) hotel called The Grand Human Psyche. The psyche’s area extends and expands far beyond the GHP hotel, which is to say that the human psyche is but a portion of this mysterious territory within consciousness. 

In the GHP we are each responsible for our own room’s décor—which we create from the palette of beliefs we hold about our ‘Self.’ Naff décor? We can sort this out by changing our thoughts (how ‘I’ think), which in turn can move us (usually quite slowly but in a crisis quite rapidly) to change our beliefs.

The façade of the GHP hotel reflects the consensus view on what beliefs we hold to be most valuable—beliefs we currently regard to be ‘true for all.’ Or if you like, beliefs that are presently in fashion. Naff or outdated crumbling façade? We can sort this out by changing the way ‘WE’ think.

Setting the coronavirus crisis aside for the moment, in view of the overall global crisis—climate change, political upheaval, people displacement, economic uncertainty, etc., etc.—we need to think quickly and seriously about our entire collection of beliefs.

This is crucial for us all to understand, because it’s our collection of beliefs about anything—governance, relationships, spirituality, economics, education, sexuality, truth—that guide the manifestation of our realities in these core thought-provoking areas producing the overall consensus reality of our experience.

Alarming, fearful, and traumatic manifestations, that is, anything we deem to be undesirable or negative in nature—such as a natural disaster or epidemic—is in actuality a crucial moment in our learning about ourselves.

The deeper truth is that negative events are telling us what we need to change in our psychological makeup (primarily our beliefs) before we can fully appreciate and express ourselves. And this is true for the individual ‘Self’ as well as the collective ‘Self’ of humanity. Seth reminds us:

However it is your duty, and the duty of every individual insofar as it is within his power, to maintain his own psychic health and vitality; according to the strength of this vitality he will protect himself and others. Negative expectations, far from protecting either the individual or those with whom he comes in contact, will actually, to a greater or lesser degree, turn as destructive as any epidemic.

The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material. (Jane Roberts) Session 143, p.310.

Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabaygreen sofa in dilapidated room

Changing the naff façade of our Grand Human Psyche hotel begins by each of us taking some my-Self time to contemplate and identify the naff elements in our own room’s decor. Clues as to what might need a makeover are revealed by the core “natural principles”2 being put to the test by the coronavirus pandemic—Compassion (being kind to those in need), Gratitude and Appreciation (for what really matters in life), and Cooperation (with others in overcoming a crisis).

(A link to my book describing all of the Natural Principles is at the foot of the page.)

A sweet irony stemming from the enforced isolation imposed by many governments, is that we can all use this time to go within (our room) and look to any beliefs we harbour that prevent us from being kind and considerate, grateful and appreciative of what is of joy in our lives, and reticent to being cooperative.

The Covid-19 mass event is but a prelude to further traumatic mass events stemming from the necessity for humanity to thoroughly refurbish its psychic hotel. Traumatic events are the physical ways in which we choose to awaken ourselves to what needs changing. For the individual, this might be a dream where the curtains are on fire—waking us up to the fact we always have them closed to the powerfulness of our own being. In the collective dream, the GHP hotel is experiencing an earthquake—waking us up to the crumbling façade of what we project as the essence of humanity. The clue to what’s happening at this time is in the word ‘earth-quake.’ The Earth, Gaia, is quaking under the strain of humanity’s un-natural weight.


“The imposed restrictions on your freedom are superficial – restrictions you put on yourself will govern how you cope in this environment.”

Air, Fire, Water and Earth


It’s no coincidence that we are now seeing maps of regions of highly polluted air, particularly in China, miraculously clearing due to the lockdown of industrial production and non-essential transport.

The coronavirus is masking (sorry!) one of ancient philosophy’s four basic elements of all matter—(all that ‘matters’ in our world)—Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The transmission of Covid-19 is primarily through the air with its target organ being the lungs—the physical centre that matters in our breathing—which is of course the primary physical act that keeps us alive. The word ‘spirit’ (Latin ‘spiritus,’ derived from the verb ‘spirare’ – ‘breathe’) originally meant ‘breath.’ I would thus ask you to think philosophically of Covid-19 as an AIR element to our spiritual awakening.

Coincidentally, around the same time as Covid-19 began to emerge in Wuhan, the Australian bush fires were reaching their peak. This FIRE element, devastating as it was to mainly human physical property and wildlife, was another attempt to have us think more deeply about a grander spiritual message—wake up to the bigger picture on what we need to change—the thoughts and beliefs on how we live our lives. What eventually put out the fires? A remarkably huge deluge of rainWATER helped firefighters get things under control.

Natural disasters to do with water are on the agenda in the coming years. Flash floods, torrential rain, storm surges, tsunamis will all play a part in the great awakening of human consciousness. The boat people crises in Europe and Bangladesh are again preliminary awakeners for us to think and plan carefully for when sea levels rise, and millions of people will be forced to move to safer environs across the world. Like Covid-19, these mass events are teaching us to come together globally in compassion and cooperation.

Sadly, cooperation among global governments and institutions has not been on display if we look to Taiwan and examine how they kept covid-19 at bay (2 deaths in a population of 23.5 million as of March 26)  through careful foresight in the preparation and investment in safety equipment and avoidance measures. Their approach to the epidemic and how to stay healthy was not widely reported because Taiwan, with its fledgling new form of democratic government, is not recognised as a country by the World Health Organisation due to China’s opposition. China though, in mitigation, despite the US trashing of their political system, is now demonstrating very real cooperation and compassion toward other countries.

From a Glen Ford article on

Meanwhile China, the society that presents the largest threat to U.S. world domination, appears to have pulled itself out of health crisis through the exertions of its amazing command economy. The Chinese have delivered 10,000 coronavirus kits to Poland and are “airlifting masks, respirators and other critical supplies” to Italy to make up for Germany and France’s refusal to provide these vital medical goods to their European Union partner. Just as China pulled the planet out of the Great Recession, it may also emerge even stronger from the Coronaviris crisis.

A coincidental astrological aside:

Saturn, known in astrological circles as “The Lord of Reality” entered the zodiacal AIR sign of Aquarius on March 21-22, 2020. It ‘retrogrades’ back into Capricorn on July 1, but re-enters Aquarius on December 17 where it will remain until March 2023. Aquarius, incidentally, is also called the Water-Bearer.

I’ll bring in more on the astrological pointers to our collective awakening in Part 2 of this missive, for now, this from the blog of Canadian astrologer Bill Attride3:

But for the next couple of years, you will face the next step in your spiritual evolution as held in the Sign of Aquarius. Whereas Capricorn concerns the fulfillment you achieve by maintaining the “World that Is”, (what your ancestors passed on to you), Saturn in Aquarius demands that you turn around; it shines a light upon the path so that you will consider what comes next, to imagine what your future will be, and most importantly and lovingly, to do this with careful and selfless regard as to what will you pass on to your children, and to their children, and for all who come after you.

Still to come:

  • The EARTH element in our awakening – Gaia and Nature
  • FEAR and the trouble with disastrous mass events – understanding DEATH.
  • What’s the toilet paper thing all about?
  • It’s all about CONTROL
  • Prince Charles – a coincidence?
  • Surfing the Channels – messages to our benefit.
  • Summarising why we can appreciate Covid-19.
  • Your spiritual call to action.

References and Links:

1The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book. (Jane Roberts.) Seth’s guide to the relationship between mass events and their effect on the individual and humanity.

2How to be in Divine Love: 10½ Principles That Will Make You a Happy Purposeful Person. (Chris W.E. Johnson.) My own contribution to understanding the key universal coding that underpins how consciousness works in nature and through the human psyche. The Kindle ebook is free on Amazon, March 27-29, as my birthday gift to you. 

3Bill Attride is a gifted and insightful Canadian Astrologer.

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