At the end of Part 2 of this blog post I highlighted the issue of ‘trust’ and how Western governments (Britain and the USA in particular—due to Brexit blunderings and Trump’s tyranny respectively) are in no position (in their people’s collective psyche) to issue freedom suppressing mandates for lengthy periods without a possible backlash from their people. Why? Because as Seth reminds us, “Civilizations are literally social species.” Meaning, every individual, and thus humanity itself, relies upon and survives through social interaction. All life forms (in their own way) express this innate life-enhancing force to bond, interact and communicate with their kind. It is a facet of an elevated level of consciousness enjoyed by living organisms and an iteration of what Abraham (Esther Hicks)1 proclaims as the basis of lifefreedom.

Social isolation, or solitary confinement2 in the case of individuals living on their own, can have a severe negative impact on a person’s mental state. (Imagine how devastated an ant would be if made to keep a two-centimetre distance from other ants.)

In all seriousness though, social isolation policies are an impingement on our mental health. Because of this, all governments need to take this hidden health issue into account when considering safety measures for any future epidemics, or indeed, any people-confining solutions to a traumatic mass event. Examples of those at risk because of social isolation policies are people over the age of 60, living alone without internet access or unversed in social media platforms. For such individuals, social isolation can quickly become a form of solitary confinement. And then there are those who live with a spouse prone to abusive behaviour who are now unable to ‘escape’ (get some relief in nature) their home environment—”without good reason”—as they watch their partner’s mentally deep-seated ‘control issues’ intensify in lockdown as they too are unable to escape the restriction. This raised probability of domestic abuse also of course affects the lives of any children in the household—laying down emotional and psychological scarring that can perpetuate abusive behaviour in the next generation.3,4

As Seth reminds us. My addition in [square parentheses]:

Civilizations are literally social species. They die when they see no reason to live, yet they seed other civilizations. Your private mental states en masse bring about the mass cultural stance of your civilization. To some extent, then, the survival of your civilization is quite literally dependent upon the condition of each individual; and that condition is initially a spiritual, psychic state that gives birth to the physical organism. That organism is intimately connected to the natural biological state of each other person, and to each other living thing, or entity, however minute. [Such as a virus.]

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book. (Jane Roberts) Session 802.

Psychologically, social isolation is a rude awakening to us all of what we’ve been doing for millennia as a species—isolating ourselves from Nature, and most importantly, from our spiritual connection to Source.

We find it difficult to obey people we don’t trust. Why? Because trust stems from mutual respect. If we feel that another has no respect for our being, for who we are as a uniquely beautiful individualised expression of consciousness—be they a powerful individual or a regulating institution—then our compliance in doing something they tell us to do (rather than suggest we do) will be short-lived. (Our shift in consciousness is taking us away from blindly trusting the edicts of those in power toward a trust in one’s own powerfulness in making decisions for one’s Self.) Adding to the mistrust of forceful directives in relation to Covid-19, the media now provides us with so many other viewpoints on the ‘best’ thing to do in this crisis.

Sweden’s government, for example, are taking a radically different strategy to others in the West.5 After recommending responsible behaviours (a sign of their trust in their people), rather than dictatorial decrees; businesses, schools and social venues are still open, with bans only on meetings of more than 50 people and visiting nursing homes; restrictions on restaurant seating arrangements; and the closure of higher education establishments. Social isolation is recommended to those most vulnerable. Despite heated protestations from Swedish medical academics, 80% of Swedes approved the suggestions (a sign of a shared trust in their government) after the Prime Minister appealed to the personal responsibility of each adult.

Whether the Swedish government’s policy proves to be the ‘right’ thing to do in this current crisis, or they must rethink and make further recommendations, is beside the point. Their mutually trustful relationship is still a template for all governments if (as channelled sources suggest) the coming decade brings more in the way of extremely challenging emergencies.


Seth informs us that issues to do with trust of others, be they organisations, individuals or government representatives, can reflect entrenched issues within our own psyche that relate to the trust of our “private self.” These issues revolve around our personal thoughts and beliefs on the subject of ‘power,’ our own empowerment (or lack of), and our ‘worthiness’ to the world. All of which should fall into our pot of ponderings as we fill our time in the downtime.

Suffice to say that a sign of a blossoming trust in your self is an ability to discern objectively rather than judge emotionally when deciding on what you want to do or believe. Appreciate the contrasting choices, feel what resonates with you, and don’t diss the alternative for being ‘wrong’—it may be ‘right’ for someone else.

If you cannot trust your private self, then you will not trust yourself in your relationships with others or in society. If you do not trust your private self, you will be afraid of power, for you will fear that you are bound to misuse it. You may then purposefully (leaning forward, quietly emphatic but with some amusement) put yourself in a position of weakness, while all of the time claiming that you seek influence. Not understanding yourself, you will be in a quandary, and the mechanics of experience will appear mysterious and capricious.

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book. (Jane Roberts) Session 834.

Surfing the Channels

By way of reassurance that Covid-19 does not mark the beginning of humanity’s decent into an ominous world of freedom-restricting government, in this section I attempt to pull together the various recent messages of encouragement from channelled sources and underpin these with the grander cosmological design presented by astrological insights.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Messages from channelled guides are essentially alternative viewpoints (originating from ‘entities’ or beings in a nonphysical dimension) on the nature of our co-created reality. Information is transmitted through a receiver (the channeler) who has a psychic framework capable of translating the information into language. We all have the ability to channel information from nonphysical dimensions, although only a very few can do this consciously (at the moment  – we’ll get better at it post-shift) with clarity of language and with minimal distortion of the information as it travels through the channeler’s psychic framework.

Finding interesting and pertinent channelled information is like channel surfing on your tv for content of interest to your physical self (ego-self). The difference being that tuning into channelled messages involves an inner sensing6 as to whether the messages resonate with your spiritual self—which has its own unique tonal frequency.7 When the channel becomes crisp and clear, a feeling (of being attuned) comes over you that you simply know (before thought processing kicks in from your ego-self) that a message feels true for you.8

Channelled sources of information are ‘coincidentally’ flourishing at this vital time in our history.9 Why? Because the ‘entities’ sending information are here to aid us on our precarious road to a more evolved ‘level’ (frequency) for human consciousness—a new way for us to exist. As Bashar (Darryl Anka)10 might say, you cannot not exist now you know you exist, but you can choose how to exist—which applies to any dimension in which you exist.

Of course, there are channelled entities whose messages will not resonate with you. But remember to discern whether they do or don’t through your inner sensing rather than your ego-self’s preference for judgement through logic and reason and then to dismiss them all as non-sense. They may make inner sense to someone else.

The astrological insights come from Bill Attride and they astrological chartunderline the channelled notion that, from a cosmological standpoint, the Covid-19 mass event is but a marker in the cyclical process of humanity’s evolution. The planets in their orbital comings and goings from our ‘collective perception’11 give indication as to what’s happening within our collective psyche as it relates and translates to our experience in chronological time. In other words, the ancient art of Astrology, is another informative ‘channel’ we can tune into for insight on our collective existence within the continuum of time and space.


You think of viruses as evil, spreading perhaps from country to country, to “invade” scores of physical mechanisms. Now thoughts are “contagious.” You have a natural immunity against all thoughts that do not fit in with your own purposes and beliefs, and naturally (pause, groping), you are “inoculated” with a wholesome trust and belief in your own thoughts above others. The old ideas of voodooism recognized some of these concepts, but complicated and distorted them with fears of evil, psychic invasion, psychic killing, and so forth. You cannot divide, say, mental and physical health, nor can you divide a person’s philosophy from his bodily condition. [My emphasis]

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book. (Jane Roberts) Session 841.

The contemporary channelled information repeatedly refers to this being a time of great social and economic change which will affect all areas of our lives. To make changes in the reality we experience, Seth states quite categorically that we begin by changing the thoughts and beliefs we entertain in our psyche. Each individual, each group of individuals, each organisation, needs to change, to one degree or another, the way they think and the beliefs they hold as an exemplar for their unique expression in the world.

To introduce some fresh blood as it were from the channelling scene, here are a couple of contributions from lesser known channelled guides:

Rose (Joanne Helfrich), in a blog post of March 12, 2020 makes the following point on which individuals and organisations are in need of using the lockdown break to take time to identify their own ways of being:

Those affected are in the most need of change

Now, this doesn’t apply to some people as much as others. The reasons we say these things are to reflect only, not to see yourselves as wrong. The people who are trying to make positive changes in the world have need for the world to respond differently than in the past.

The organizations being affected are the ones in need of the most change: Wall Street, health organizations, wellness factions, groups of people who live near one another because of the need to thrive but aren’t doing so because they don’t work together. These are the huge changes that are being brought about by this epidemic.

The Seth quote to the left, when we really think about it, gives us a clue as to why children (in general) do not get the Covid-19 virus but adults do. Children’s thoughts and beliefs are still in formulation—their philosophy is normally one of unquestioning joie de vivre.



Janet Treloar, who channels Zacharia (Zac to his friends), is a recent addition to a growing list of reputable British channelers. Zac keeps in regular communication12 with his followers during this epic time for humanity. As Hazel Newton (Janet’s friend and scribe to Zac) said on a recent post transcript:

I’m sure many of you are as interested as Janet and I are in the current times as we start to witness evidence of the ‘Changing of the Guard,’ both energetically and physically here on the world’s stage! A time of Liberation. A Time our Vibration [energy frequency] Shifts. [An] Influx of Christ Heart Energy and an upgrade of our DNA.

coronavirus imageReturning to the Rose message of March 12, 2020 – “A Lesson in the Power of the Small and Mighty”:

The corona virus has spread to the many parts of the world that will be the most affecting of changes required for you to thrive.

The reasons for doing so are these: you do not have enough fun, you do not have enough wellness, you do not have enough friendship, and you do not have enough sources of quality foods, you do not have enough sources of gifts to give to each other, in the sense of finding your own way of spirit, to love one another in ways that bring you joy.

So, what does Nature do? It spreads the surfaces of things with the reflections of these very issues so that they will infect you with the love for the world that you need, so you can love yourselves, too, in the process.

So What Can I Do?

Returning to the Rose message of March 12, 2020:

Now, what to do? We don’t think there’s anything to be said by us that the health officials have not said already. Each person must take personal responsibility for how they affect the world. The people who need to wake up the most are those who have wronged others by their practices, not the generous people who know they will be fine in those situations that call for communal solutions. The communal solutions are the ones that are required now more than ever.

Fear needs to be relieved by having communities know and care for one another. These are all things you’re moving towards to help you survive the coming decades, but these are not things to fear. These are things to enliven who you have decined (decided in divine ways) to be. So do so.

Tear down your fears and stretch your imaginations to cocreate the kinds of energy patterns you want to realize. The extraordinary power of a single virus is both something to be managed and an object lesson in the power of the small and mighty!

The visionary and futurist Nicolya Christi13 takes the view that we can embrace the social isolation period as a “Retreat.” And appreciate the time to be at “home to ourselves.”

Covid-19 encourages us to empower ourselves and recognise that we do not need to wait for ‘authority’ to get its act together and tell us what to do and how to best manage this situation—we can think and act for ourselves, and each other.

Another visionary and psychic, Danielle Egnew, on a YouTube post of March 13, 2020, makes the point that if ‘home alone’ ask for help from your neighbours. “Don’t be afraid to be human.” Importantly, we need to take this opportunity to organise ourselves properly for what might be in store for us in the climate changing years ahead.

Nicolya Christi – “From a purely physical perspective our emphasis must be on turbo-boosting the immune system.” This means drinking plenty of water, getting good quality rest and sleep, keeping a sense of humour (laughing boosts the immune system) and practicing a little mindfulness—the intentional accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment.

A recent newsletter from the Tamera Peace Research and Education Center based in Portugal parallels Rose’s message above when it said:

We’re learning how powerful and efficient something incredibly tiny can be when it resonates with a latent field. The latent field is fear—an immense, collective fear of the future…

… We need to resonate with another collective field within us, one that is much deeper than fear—a field that is still hidden at the moment. It’s the collective field of trust, the matrix of life, which Dieter Duhm refers to as the “sacred matrix.” 14 For, despite all the suffering, all the horrors of the past and all the threats, life is still oriented towards joy, curiosity and survival. There is a core within us [our Essence self] that knows this. This core is called trust.

 Some Astrological Insight

The cycling of Pluto through the sign of Capricorn (the sign of institutions) occurs about every 245 years. 2008-2024 is latest such transit. Previous to this Pluto was in Capricorn between 1762-1778, and prior to this 1516-1532.

The 1500s saw us move from feudalism to monarchies (if we focus on the West’s centre of human psychical evolution). 1517 saw the start of ‘The Reformation’ in Europe under Martin Luther. The 1760s saw the fall of monarchies and rise of parliamentary democracies, most notably of course, the American revolution.

Each Pluto in Capricorn period signals the end of a world order, which is equally the emergence of a new institutional order in the hierarchy of social realms: spiritual, cultural, political and economic. What we are seeing across the globe today is not how it had to be; it is we and our way of life that has made the content and facts of what this challenge would look like. But it is most certainly true that this is our time to bring into being a New World, and what emerges will and must be different than the order we have had since the late 1700’s, not just here but for the entire world.

Extract from post on: Bill Attride Radio Show, 2020 – The USA and Pluto (Sunday March 29, 2020 @ 2 pm EDT)

A talk given by the British astrologer Patricia Godden on February 22, 2020, well before Covid-19 had made its impact in the UK, presented some interesting insights into what 2020 may hold for Britain and the world.

From my notes: A conjunction between Pluto and Saturn in January signifies the importance of this period and the rest of 2020 and issues to do with ‘leadership’. Pluto moves to the 10th House – indicating a change in the type of government. Changes to leaders of country and monarchy.

(It is no coincidence that both the head of the UK’s government and Prince Charles, second in ‘leadership’ to the UK monarchy, should contract the coronavirus. Both in need of a period of enforced isolation to deeply consider their roles in a fast changing British society?

One doesn’t need to be a psychic to notice the terminological link between the popular name for Covid-19 – ‘corona’virus – and ‘The Crown’ as an alternative reference to the British monarchy.)

On March 31st, Mars moves into Aquarius, signifying that the entire world will “get a glimpse of how it’s going to be.” Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21/22, retrograding back into Capricorn on July 1, which “gives us an opportunity to review what we’re changing.” Saturn re-enters Aquarius on December 17 where it will remain until the spring of 2023.

Bill Attride continues:

For the next couple of years, you will face the next step in your spiritual evolution as held in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius demands that you turn around; it shines a light upon the path so that you will consider what comes next, to imagine what your future will be, and most importantly and lovingly, to do this with careful and selfless regard as to what will you pass on to your children, and to their children, and for all that come after you.

This is the challenge of Saturn in Aquarius; it is the test of your Social Consciousness. And it challenges you to overcome one of your greatest illusions, your experience of being separate and apart from one another.

Bill Attride – posted 21 March 2020.

In an article by Lindsey Antin, writing for the Greater Good Magazine on April 6, sound advice is presented on how to cope with the obsessive thoughts “swirling around in our minds.” This follows on from another excellent article from the GGM by Jill Suttie of March 10, which reminds us to keep “the Greater Good in Mind” in our handling of the coronavirus outbreak. This article features two of the primary Natural Principles outlined in my book How to be in Divine Love.

For my own part on recommending ‘what to do,’ I would refer you to both of my reasonably easy to digest booklets How to be in Dine Love: 10½ Principles That Will Make You a Happy, Purposeful Person—which presents a spiritually inspired set of principles that promote a healthy mindset for coping with personal and collective times of trauma; Feelings Explained: Emotions Tamed—which gives an in-depth understanding on the topic of ‘fear’; and, if you find yourself in isolation for some weeks to come, It’s About You!; Know Your Self—which offers a broader understanding of what constitutes your ‘Self.’

So What’s the Covid-19 Virus Ever Done for Us?

As the Tamera newsletter remarks, it really doesn’t matter whether Covid-19 was man-made or came about naturally (either way, as we are all part of Nature, Covid-19 is an invention of Nature):

[Covid-19] shows us how fragile and vulnerable our globalized systems are and that humanity is capable of fundamentally changing its collective behavior, literally from one day to the next.

Let’s take the forced pause mode to imagine how a healing transformation in our societies could come about! How will we supply ourselves – who are the ones around us that we can cooperate with – what will we do when the global systems actually collapse?

A Kosmos Journal newsletter aside:

The official name given to the Corona virus, COVID-19, reminds me of the Latin videre – ‘to see’, and co – ‘together’. What is it we are asked to ‘see together’ at this time? 

Daniel Wahl, author of Designing Regenerative Cultures, in a post for New Story Hub on March 16suggests that Covid-19 “is forcing us to mobilise in unprecedented ways and we are doing so as one global species.”

Covid-19 might become the catalyst for the transformation of the human presence and impact on Earth that climate change should have been but was too diffuse of a thread for our species to come together around in an effective way.

This notion of a global coming together as one vital force to overcome a devastating physical creation is the quintessential spiritual message underpinning this precursory mass event. Whatever lies in store for us as Gaia makes physical her own shift in consciousness, we must act as one cohesive force in our survival strategy as we ride the shift in our own consciousness.

Covid-19 has spared our youngest. Why? Because from the greater perspective of our spiritual collective Self, there is an understanding in Nature, an agreement in Consciousness, that those being born now will be the ones to take humanity through the mind-expanding changes ahead. Why do I know this? Because when you have a new grandchild born at 11 minutes past 11am on November 11 last year, and you don’t believe in coincidence, you get a certain feeling of reassurance for the future of humanity.

Covid-19 has shown us how quickly the AIR element in our spiritual awakening (see Part 1) can recover if we stop burning fossil fuels and move over to other sources of sustainable energy. It reminds us of the importance of our breathing—which Zac elaborates upon below in relation to this time being the ‘pause’ between our in-breath and out-breath.

Covid-19 has led to an economic downturn not seen in the West since the depression of the 1930s. But economics is not about the creation and consumption of wealth, it’s about communities of people ‘managing their households’ and their locality. Covid-19 is telling us to move from purely consuming the wealth we create to sharing it with all humanity.

Covid-19 has taught us to appreciate those human beings that are at the heart of caring for and nurturing the wellness of humanity—the people that come together as the autonomic nervous system in the body of humanity. The unpreparedness and lack of safety and testing equipment for Covid-19 tells us where to distribute our shared wealth.

To end this blog post marathon, I conclude with some coincidental timing:

The very latest Zac audio ‘chat’ posted April 10 (see note 12 in Resources and References), underlines once again the issue of ‘TRUST’ of our ‘private self’ mentioned by Seth at the start of this final part.

As we know by now, there is no such thing as coincidence. Zac makes the point that the timing of the Covid-19 outbreak is meant to coincide with this time of the year (in the northern hemisphere at least)—spring. A time of new birth.

Virtually all religions recognize this time as important in the cycle of life—Easter in Christianity and the Chinese Spring Festival, for example. The Chinese festival marks the birth of a New Year in their calendar. Is it not coincidental (wink) that China was the first to receive the spiritual messages that underpin the physical mass event? Their lockdown took their attention away from their New Year celebrations—we must wait to see if their authorities used the time wisely to go within and examine their ‘way of being.’

Baby with remoteThe lockdown in the West would have us turn our attention away from the TV and our marvellous devices, toward new birth, Nature, and the birth of a new form of humanity.

Zac states that this lockdown period marks a “still point” where we can start to “muster the energy” for deciding what we are birthing for humanity at this time. It’s our opportunity to “elicit our love of the Earth.”

Every one of us can change the course of events—create our own reality. Using an analogy of someone about to dive from a very high board for the first time into the ‘unknown’ waters below, Zac says we each need to take that leap of faith—which translates to a leap of trust in our body simply knowing what to do when entering the water. A leap of trust in your Self.

Zac reminds us that that is precisely what those who recover from the virus have done—trusted in their body-consciousness’s ability to deal with the destructive intruder and eliminate its effects. Trust that your inner self knows what to do. Breathe. Expand your lungs with a view to expanding the expression of your Self. Expand with your heart and mind. Ground yourself in the Earth – ask it to help you, hold you.

“You don’t have to perform. You have to be.”

“Allow yourself to come out in both your heart and intellect energies. You’ve been preparing for hundreds of lives for this time. Don’t shy away from your responsibility now to be part of the global elevation.”

I’m off to take a shower, here’s just one last quote from Seth from the book that inspired me to start this blog back in the December of 2015:

The species is in a state of transition, one of many. This one began, generally speaking, when the species tried to step apart from nature in order to develop the unique kind of consciousness that is presently your own. That consciousness is not a finished product, however, but one meant to change, [to] “evolve and develop.” Certain artificial divisions were made along the way that must now be dispensed with.

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book. (Jane Roberts) Session 805.

Resources and References:

1Abraham (Esther Hicks) –

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6Inner sensing stems from your “inner senses” – described and explored in Chapter 11 of the new edition of my book It’s About You!: Know Your Self.

7Our “tonal frequency” describes the combined frequencies of the thoughts, beliefs and emotional energies maintained by our personality.

8Something that is ‘true for you’ relates to a truth being relative to the person that holds it. There is but one absolute truth—the existence of Consciousness. Truths and their relativity to Consciousness are presented in Chapter 16 of It’s About You!: Know Your Self.

9Kevin Moore has been researching the channelling phenomenon for more than 20 years and his YouTube page (The Moore Show) hosts a list of interviews with over 40 channelers (They Call Us Channelers). For a clear rendition of the channeler’s experience be sure to view the episode with Joanne (Rose) and her husband Paul Helfrich – LINK.

11Our perception is the vital instrument through which we create our reality. It incorporates and employs the sum total of all the energies and functions that constitute our ‘Self.’ Our perception is how we view and interact with our Self, the physical world, and others that share the physical experience.

12Zac’s transmissions can be found on Patreon here:

13Nicolya Christi’s website.

14Trust ultimately stems from Divine Love—the all-pervasive force that describes the vitality of Consciousness.


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