Were you looking for me? Or has synchronicity brought you here?

If you weren’t deliberately looking for my website and have arrived here simply by chance, coincidence, or perhaps synchronicity, then I suggest to you that there is always a reason for such an occurrence in your life.

Synchronicity is a compelling spiritual force within your Self that asks you to look further into the meaning behind its creation.

Synchronicity is a method by which your spiritual (Essence) Self communicates with your physical ego-self. It’s a way for your Essence Self to grab the attention of your ego-self–to enforce a time-out away from the constant barrage of attention seeking others. It’s main aim is to keep you in touch with your Essence Self’s guidance on how to stay on your path of intent and ultimate fulfilment.

If you were searching for me deliberately, perhaps you were wanting to know more about my therapeutic practice – Counselling for your Self?

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A deeper reasoning behind you landing on this page could be that now is a good time for you to either start knowing your Self a little better, or to begin freeing yourself from a personal issue that you are forever coping with or putting aside. Whatever the case, do explore the pages and offerings.


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I know that what brought you here is a part of your “Self” that is always looking out for you and the development of who you are. In my writing, I refer to this part of the Self as your inner self – an emissary of your broader, more expansive spiritual Self – your Essence of being.

Most people are unaware that their Essence sets the direction of their lifetime’s intent and purpose. Your inner self provides you with subtle spiritual guidance in this regard and helps keep you in alignment with your path of intent – if your ego-self will allow it! A full appreciation of your intentional path and the purposeful pursuits it encourages will bring you the greatest joy and fulfillment from life. It is my intent to teach and assist others in the discovery of their own intent and purpose.

At a time when psychology is becoming ever more reductionist and brain-based, Chris Johnson offers a new cartography of human consciousness that opens up the widest vista of understanding and thus provides a much more comprehensive picture not only of the deeper structure of the self but also of our potential for expansion and evolution through discovery of our deeper intent.

David Lorimer, MA, PGCE, FRSA

Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network.

This website is currently under reconstruction

Most pages should still be operational, but if you are a subscriber with a login code, access may be down until reconstruction is finished – hopefully by the end of June – my apologies.

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