Tutorial 1 – Clear the Fear


In this video:

You’ll hear about a debilitating belief hidden deep within our collective psyche that prevents many of us from living a happier, more fulfilling life.

The belief is in regard to your sense of self-worth. It is often responsible for generating fearful feelings within you – feelings that keep you from expressing fully your personality and living your life to its fullest potential.

In this video I will demonstrate how to use a very simple technique to dissipate any emotional energy you may hold about a personal issue. For demonstration purposes, the focus is upon any uncomfortable feelings you have in regard to the chaotic and fear-filled times we find ourselves in.

The technique is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), developed by Gary Craig. For the purposes of this video, make sure you you print off my basic shortcut version by clicking on the button to the right.

This version can be printed on one handy sheet of paper and you’ll find, as I have, that it quickly becomes an invaluable lifelong tool for dealing with everyday emotional trials and tribulations.

If you know of someone who would benefit from this free series of tutorial videos, feel free to share this page using the social media buttons to the left.

In gratitude and appreciation of you, Chris.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SECOND VIDEO TUTORIAL: Uncovering your “hidden” core beliefs.

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