Happy New Year!

One that brings us closer to a New Worldview

Our Shift in Consciousness Continues

My News:

I first need to apologize for my lack of communication over the past year or more. In mitigation, my focus has been on the writing and development of online and in-person courses that will clarify and embody the wisdom on life contained within the metaphysical teachings of Seth, Elias, Bashar, Omni, Abraham, Rose—and a library of other channeled sages. Feedback from my twice run Mastery of Self-Compassion course ending in 2018 has given me much to consider as I reformulate a new course to coincide with the publication of a new edition of Book I It’s About You! Know Your Self in the Fall (it’s written and reedited in American English again) of 2019.

Rewriting Know Your Self came about last summer as my body-consciousness informed me that I should sit down and rest a while in preparation for the replacement of both hip joints! Finding it difficult to walk around the house and impossible to put my socks on were the subtle physical messages issued by my body-consciousness telling me that the time for hip replacement was in the now. September 24 saw the new right hip go in and I’m back on the waiting list (Goddess bless the NHS) for the left one early this year. The right hip is doing fabulously well by the way and I have pictures of the stapled wound and multicolored bruising a few days after the op that can be sent on request if you’re a little strange.

I had originally planned to get on with writing Book II, Free Your Self, during my sitting down a lot and recuperating period. As I got to work on the content, I realized that Know Your Self needed updating and reconfiguring a little to better complement Free Your Self. O-Books accepted my proposal for a new edition and the manuscript is now in production. This year I hope to have the manuscript ready for publication of Book II in 2020.

Blog News:

As you may remember, my Blog’s theme is to do with examining a mass event (e.g., the Presidential election or the Grenfell Tower tragedy) in relation to the collective psyche as humanity moves inexorably towards a more evolved form of expression.

I haven’t posted during 2018 but then there are only two mass events that have captured (or should that be “overwhelmed”) our thoughts in the West – Trump and Brexit. For a certain issue to so dominate our attention for such a lengthy period suggests to me that the underlying message behind its creation is of enormous importance to our collective understanding.

In my view, the election of Trump and the Brexit referendum are co-created mass events designed to awaken us to the distortions in the democratic systems of government adopted by the USA and the UK. The fundamental message is that neither system is a true reflection of democracy. Both need radical reform—at the constitutional level (the right to bear arms would seem a good place to start) in the USA and a fairer proportional representation of the people’s vote in the UK would be a help.

2019 sees government in the US and Britain embrace the spirit of the holiday season with political pantomimes now playing. In the US, typecast Trump is the “morally reprehensible” villain striving to create the ultimate physical metaphor for our archetypal fear of separation (from Source that is, not Mexico). As Donald screams from stage left, “We need to build a barrier between US and Them,” a resounding “boo” comes from the audience.

Over the pond, Madam May insists on removing Britainella from the ball—because that’s what the majority of the people voted to do. Does the democratic system allow for ill-informed decision making? Oh yes it does, say the privileged few wanting to maintain the status quo. Oh no it doesn’t, say the reformists.

Our Evolution Quickens – an astrological “coincidence?”

From 2017 through to the beginning of 2019, Uranus—the ruler of individuality, also called the “Awakener” and avatar of the “higher” mind—and Neptune—ruler of communality, representing the many layers of consciousness, the Oneness of All That Is, and the driving force of Divine Love—are undergoing a tense period in their relationship. In plain English, the principle of being an individual is at loggerheads with the overarching principle of being a part within the collective consciousness of humankind. Or, egoic individuality is awakening to the broader aspects of a spiritual identity.

Astrologer Bill Attride remarks in his recent post, The New Year – Part 1 (January 2019):

The recent past has seen a worldwide upheaval, marked now by the extremes of anarchic individualism and suffocating communalism, which signals we are at a most critical stage, where the old model of balancing Individuality/Communality has broken down, and the yet to emerge new model has not been fully formed nor understood.

How we hold these principles of [individual] Freedom and Communality together within ourselves, and between one another, is part of our Spiritual journey which can only be formed and forged by holding to an Integral Way of Living. We are on a journey from unconsciousness to full spiritual awakening, and as we remake ourselves and our world, we must strive towards ever more encompassing ways of holding together our “paradigms of understanding” and our “ways of being”.

I end this newsletter with a reminder to those in doubt as to how to be in this time of mental and physical turmoil—simply look to the Natural Principles. I derived the natural principles from what Bill describes as “the eternal truths of Ancient Wisdom” in combination with the metaphysical insights of our channeled friends.

May 2019 bring you joy and fulfillment.

In gratitude and appreciation of you, Chris.

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