About Book I – Know Your Self – and About the Trilogy

Front-cover-Know-Your-SelfIt’s About You! Know Your Self is the first of a trilogy that integrates some of the most profound teachings from science, metaphysics, psychology, philosophy and spirituality into a set of experiential workbooks. The primary aim of the trilogy is to awaken the reader to their own personal intent and in so doing clarify the purpose of their life. Such knowledge equips us with the means to better manage those key areas within our lives—health, relationships, occupation and abundance—and begin living a more joyful existence. Know Your Self activates the awakening process by presenting a radical restructuring of what we regard to be the “Self.”

Gleaned from rigorous examination of documented knowledge conveyed by a number of metaphysical “channeled” guides, Know Your Self presents the reader with a far broader model of the entirety of the Self. According to metaphysical characters such as Seth (channeled by Jane Roberts), the total You of who you are is a highly complex, many layered, multifaceted, multidimensional construct. Know Your Self attempts to simplify and clarify this complex structure for you.

Essentially, we need to realize that there are two fundamental dimensions in which our Self exists and operates – the non-physical plane, and the physical plane.

Your non-physical "spiritual" self.
Your non-physical “spiritual” self.

The non-physical plane is where the aspects of your “spiritual” self (your “Essence,” “Identity,” and “inner self” – “soul” if you prefer) reside and it is your spiritual self that attempts to guide and orchestrate your actions in the physical plane.

In the physical plane, you have a physical self to carry out your actions, and this physical self is “managed” by a set of psychological elements (your “ego-self,” personality, and “conscious-mind”) which are specifically focused upon maintaining your existence in the physical plane. It is your ego-self that tends to “interfere” with your inner self’s orchestration of your actions. Know Your Self explores these psychological elements and the specific interfering factors (thoughts and beliefs) that your ego-self may have constructed for you.

Why do I need to know about my Self?

Primarily, because you are in the physical plane for a reason. You would not be here otherwise! Your life has a purpose, and Know Your Self explains what is meant by this. Know Your Self also begins the process of discovering for your physical self what that purpose is.

Why do I need to know my purpose in life?

Chris Johnson’s “Families of Intent” pointing to his life’s purposeful path.
Chris Johnson’s “Families of Intent” pointing to his life’s purposeful path.

Your purpose for this lifetime is a directional path of learning and exploration that your Essence self decided would be of greatest value to its overall evolution and development – while you are in the physical realm on this occasion – should you follow it. (You do have free will ~ that is, your ego-self has the final say on what you do.)

Staying on your path of intent and purpose will bring you the greatest value fulfillment and joy from your life. This is your “reward,” if you will, of staying on your purposeful path.

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How do I stay on my path of intent and purpose?

Your inner self (or soul) is your constant companion on this path to contentment and self-realization. Know Your Self describes the “inner senses” used by your inner self to fashion and draw to you the experiences that conform to your intent and purpose.

Your inner self also uses an array of feelings and emotions to keep your physical self aware of when you are on or off your path of intent. Understanding the messages behind your feelings and emotions is key to staying on your path.

Know Your Self investigates the “rules” (Natural Powers and Principles) to which your inner self adheres as it attempts to show your physical self the way forward for you.

What does my physical self need to do to keep me on my path?

In short, keep your ego-self out of the way! It has the final say on what events and experiences you attract into your life. Your ego-self stage-manages your physical self’s everyday actions in the physical plane. It does so guided by its collection of beliefs. It is your beliefs that interfere with your inner self’s guidance on what actions will keep you on your path of intent and purpose.

Know Your Self explains how you form your beliefs, values, and personal “truths” and the energies that you assign to them – particularly emotional energy.

As you become to realize what your thoughts, beliefs, truths, feelings and emotions are actually all about, it will instigate a process of change within you.

What you need to do, to a greater or lesser extent, depending on how far off your path you are, is address your belief systems and dissipate the energies accrued to those beliefs that interfere with your intentional drives the most.

Know Your Self, and the books that follow, affords you the opportunity to sort your life out – or at least an area of concern or two within it, like attracting abundance or developing intimate relationships.

Know Your Self establishes the ground rules, the Natural Principles (for conscious creation) we all need to follow as we go about sorting out our lives without harming those of others.

Why should I bother?

Why bother?
Why bother?

You don’t have to bother. You have the free will to do whatever you like.

The problem is that we are used to following what our ego-selves “want” from life. And if you are experiencing challenges with health, relationships, occupation or abundance, then what your ego-self thinks you should want is not actually in alignment with what your inner self knows to be of greater benefit to you. Your inner self knows what is “desirable” for you, which may not be something your ego-self wants.

Challenges in one or more areas are a reminder to you from your inner self that you need to do something about your ego-self’s beliefs. Your inner self knows far more about your preferences in life than your ego-self will ever know.

Why does my inner self want me to sort myself out?

Because, by sorting your physical self out, you set off a chain of beneficial reactions that go beyond just your Self.

Your actions in the “now” of your current physical life will echo through the entirety of your Self, affecting the equilibrium of your Essence self and all the other lifetimes it contains. Your “tonal frequency” (the vibrational core of your being) will change and reverberate through to other Essences in the non-physical plane of existence, and this will have an impact upon the very expansion and learning of God/All That Is/Consciousness Itself.

No pressure then!

We can only sort out our own Self, beginning with our physical self.

Nonetheless, as more and more people begin to sort their physical self out and commit to living their lives within the Natural Principles (see the ten principles for conscious living in Know Your Self), a “critical mass” will eventually be reached.

Lots of newly reverberating Essences (yours included!) will transform the very nature of our collective beliefs – that is, the mind-set or “worldview” of Humanity. Humanity will shift its consciousness into a more evolved form, with a more enlightened understanding of exactly how we create our physical reality – as individuals and en masse.

Again, no pressure!

You do first need to know your Self, and how it naturally operates, before you can take the next step of freeing your physical self from any troublesome beliefs that may constrain the full expression of who you are, and have you forget what you are here to learn and do.

Front-cover-Know-Your-SelfC.W.E. Johnson’s new book ‘It’s About You! Know Your Self’ presents a brilliant and provocative interpretation of the psychological concepts in the channeled literature. I highly recommend this book. (Dr. Brian L. Weiss – Author of Many Lives, Many Masters.)

In It’s About You: Know Your Self, Chris Johnson peels away the layers that make up our personal identity to reveal a composite that is much more complex and majestic than we commonly believe. This book is a blueprint for discovering what really matters in life, a template for joy and fulfillment. (Larry Dossey, MD – Author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters.)

Logo - 2 - segments and headsAbout the Trilogy

It’s About You! is a trilogy of books subtitled,

  • Know Your Self,
  • Free Your Self, and
  • Live Your Purpose.

The primary aim of the trilogy is to awaken you to your own unique direction of intent (the particular “spiritual” forces that drive your current physical existence); and in so doing, clarify the purpose of your life (the specific learning goals for this lifetime set by your Essence self for the overall growth, expansion and evolution of your individualized consciousness).

Free Your Self, the second book in the trilogy, focuses upon the methods and techniques we can use to sort our physical selves out. As mentioned above, looking to the structure of your beliefs, particularly to those that hold enough energy to be your truths, is at the center of any sustained improvement to the enjoyment of your life.

The book presents a wide variety of therapeutic approaches from Eastern traditions and Western know-how designed to address the psychological aspects of our physical selves, the emotional “layer” of our selves, the subtle energy flow systems of our selves, and the physical chemistry of our selves.

Sorting your Self out can only be done on a holistic level for the greatest beneficial effect. As we are all unique individuals, some methods work well for some, not so well for others. We each need to investigate what works for our selves, and Free Your Self encourages you do this with an open mind.

Your inner self knows that simply attempting to balance the chemistry of your body through pharmaceuticals will rarely sort you out permanently, particularly if the “ailment” is psychological in nature. Thankfully, there are now a flourishing number of alternative and complementary approaches available. Free Your Self will provide you with some ideas and practices for you to investigate.

Practices range from the various “energy balancing” techniques of Eastern traditions, through a field of therapy that brings the East and West together (Energy Psychology), to the contributions made by Western psychology.

Free Your Self continues to explore the breadth of your Self. It investigates the use of dreams in this exploration, and how you can use your “dream-time” to examine the key factors behind challenges you might be facing in the waking world. Meditation and hypnosis are presented as other methods for exploring your Self.

Many lives?
Multiple lives?

It is possible to view your “Other Lives” (contained within your Essence) through guided meditation (commonly referred to as Past Life Regression) for example.

Free Your Self presents a radically new model of “perception” – the key “psychological collective” that dictates what you will manifest as an experience in the physical plane.

It will delve into the subject of death – or as I prefer to call it “transition” – the process by which we leave our dalliance with the physical plane and return our personality to the non-physical planes of existence.

We take a look at the difference between “wants” and “desires” and how you can sort these out in the confusion of creating that which most benefits you in this lifetime.

And we examine a little known aspect of your psychological make-up, referred to by only a few metaphysical guides, as your “orientation.” This is a “way in which you view the world” – a consistent way by which you go about creating the reality of your experiences.

Page - Book I and the Trilogy - Your WorldviewIt is a fascinating addition to your overall perception of the physical realm, and once understood will contribute greatly to the way in which you manage your relationships with others.

Some tasters then of what’s in store for Book II in the trilogy.

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Live Your Purpose, the final book, will continue with the process of applying what you are learning about your Self to the conscious creation of your reality.

It’s a book that looks into the possibilities for you as an individual and for humanity as a whole. We will investigate where our collective “shift in consciousness” is taking us, and how best an individual can influence this evolution of our species.

How long will it all take to be living in a more compassionate, cooperative, and peaceful world?

Page - Book I and the Trilogy - colloseumLive Your Purpose will attempt to answer this question by investigating “natural time” and the concept of the “spacious present.”

In contrast to the apocalyptic thoughts and beliefs many currently entertain when viewing the state of the physical world at the moment – and yes, it does need sorting out! – we are actually in a transitional state of being.

The way in which we “be” in the future, is the responsibility of each individual examining and attending to the way they are being.

As the metaphysical character Seth poignantly reminds us,

This material should not make you feel unimportant or insignificant. The framework is so woven that each particle is dependent upon every other. The strength of one adds strength to all. The weakness of one weakens the whole. The energy of one recreates the whole. The striving of one increases the potentiality of everything that is, and this places great responsibility upon every consciousness.

… Rising to challenges is a basis for existence in every aspect of existence. It is the developer of all abilities and at the risk of being trite, it is the responsibility of even the most minute particle of consciousness to use its own abilities, and all of its abilities to the utmost. Upon the degree to which this is done rests the power and coherence of everything that is. (Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts, from Roberts J. The Early Sessions: Book 1 of The Seth Material. Manhasset, NY: New Awareness Network Inc.: 1997 pp. 229/230.)

Logo - 2 - segments and headsIn praise of It’s About You!

In this critical time for humanity, where our physical world is in deep trouble, each of us needs to know who we really are from a non-physical perspective to understand how we are all co-creating our future.

Chris Johnson is a true scholar of our consciousness in all its aspects of knowing, being and action. The wealth of information he brings together from a remarkable number of sources and perspectives, along with its superb organization, makes this volume an unsurpassed resource for understanding yourself and others as we play out this and many more lives as co-creators in a conscious cosmos. (Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD – evolution biologist and futurist, author of EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution.)

As the late American mythologist and scholar Joseph Campbell might say, we’re all on a “Hero’s Journey” with a two-fold goal to achieve.

Firstly, to sort out our individual lives in order to experience greater joy and fulfillment, and secondly, to help others do the same so that our collective reality becomes a shared joyful, fun-filled experience as a consequence.

In gratitude and appreciation of your comments.
In gratitude and appreciation.

Chris W.E. Johnson, September 2014.